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 Posted: Tue Jun 30th, 2020 08:01 pm
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Jimmy Valiant got his beard cut off by Paul Jones and his crew back in JCP around 1984. They made a big deal about him having grown it out without cutting it since his son was born. When Jimmy was in Memphis 1990, some heel there cut his beard, possibly Jerry Lawler, and the same deal about him growing it out since his son was born was brought up.

In 1984 in Mid-South, the Rock & Roll Express were going to face the Midnight Express in a match that would feature Jim Cornette wearing a straight jacket to keep him from interfering. To demonstrate how it would work, Ricky Morton strapped Robert Gibson into the jacket on TV. Once Robert was incapacitated, Cornette ran in with Condrey and Eaton to triple team Morton. In 1988 in JCP, they reran this angle with The Fantastics. Once Bobby Fulton was in the straight jacket, Cornette ran in with Eaton and Lane to destroy Tommy Rogers.

David Von Erich beat Jimmy Garvin in World Class to get Garvin and Sunshine as his valets for a day in 1983, leading to skits with Garvin and Sunshine doing all sorts of manual labor and whining throughout. In 1986 or 1987, the UWF had The Missing Link beat either John Tatum or Eddie Gilbert, whichever Missy Hyatt was with at the time, to make Missy valet for a day for Dark Journey, complete with the same type of skits with Missy whining her way through doing laundry and cleaning the floors.