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 Posted: Wed Jul 1st, 2020 01:05 pm
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bpickering wrote: Gordy vs Hayes in a cage. Gordy wins the match Heels come in the ring. Heels want to Gordy to cut Hayes hair. Gordy doesn't want to do it. Heels about to cut Hayes Hair but Gordy attacks them before they can. Turning Gordy face. First time reforms the freebirds with Hayes.

I forget what Promotion that was in.

The 2nd time was in WCCW Gordy does not team with Hayes untill WCW a year later.

Southeastern was when Gordy beat Hayes. Joe Leduc & The Sheepherders came into the ring with scissors trying to get Gordy to cut Hayes' hair. When Gordy refused, Leduc and the Kiwi's got mad and Gordy when on the offensive, beating up all 3. In the dressing room, Hayes & Gordy talked things out, but Gordy didn't officially rejoin his partner until an episode of GCW when the Super Destroyer & Buzz Saywer was suppose to have a match with Hayes & I think, Kevin Sullivan. Hayes' partner wasn't there and Sawyer & Super D wanted the match, so Hayes went to the back and after 20-30 seconds or so, Hayes & a blur went running to the ring. When the cameras caught it, it was Hayes & Gordy cleaning house.