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 Posted: Wed Jul 1st, 2020 11:27 pm
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Heenan Fan wrote: You don't do Nascar contests anymore but you do Chinaman baseball and this shit? WTF?

If you must know

- RAW ratings every Monday

- Guess The Score mid-week (has taken a beating last few months)

- Try to do an event on Saturday and one on Sunday. If there is a 'Wrestling PPV' that is   preferred. Saturday can be golf/nascar/tennis/horses/UFC, etc

- We do a weekend 'salami'

Ultimately the calendar I had at the start of the year has been scrapped. I tried to do a July/August calendar the other day and could only do July. Sometimes things 'pop up on me' at the last minute and I miss them  because the calendar is so fragile. I appreciate heads-up on events because everything became so erratic.