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 Posted: Thu Jul 9th, 2020 10:43 am
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srossi wrote: Married Jo wrote: I just binged the Mandalorian. Man, I'm's so damned good, it's right up there with Rogue One as the best things Disney has done with the Star Wars franchise. And damn, I'll admit it, Baby Yoda is fucking adorable lol..
It's the best thing to happen Star Wars in years, maybe decades.  Definitely a "less is more" approach, which is the opposite approach to the movies.  Very well done and goes back to the roots of the franchise, which was always supposed to be a space western more than a glitz and glamor epic.

That said, I'm disappointed that Disney+ hasn't introduced much else for adults worth watching.  I'm getting my money's worth because my son can watch the cartoons and stuff, but I was hoping for more by now.  They need to get these Marvel properties out since they pulled them from Netflix.

If you enjoyed The Mandalorian and like behind the scenes and markings of, the 8 part series they recently added is a fantastic deep dive into the show.

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