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 Posted: Sat Oct 20th, 2007 03:30 am
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Mascaras lost once in a while when he first came to the United States in 1969 and 1970.

7/4/69 Los Angeles, CA @ Olympic Auditorium
Black Gordman beat Mil Mascaras 2/3
Bobo Brazil drew Bull Ramos when the time limit expired in the 3rd fall
Roger Brown & Arman Hussian & Lex Byrd beat Mike Riker & The Oregon Lumberjack & The Alaskan
Chris Markoff beat Sir Albert Landsdown
Francisco Flores drew Pepper Martin
Alfonso Dantes beat Art Mahalik
att: 8,953

10/3/69 Los Angeles, CA @ Olympic Auditorium
NWA Champion Dory Funk Jr drew The Sheik when the time limit expired in the 3rd fall
Chain match
Bull Ramos beat Mil Mascaras
Dory Funk Sr & Terry Funk beat The Hangman & Oregon Lumberjack
Great Kojika beat Pepper Martin
Jim Osborne & Ray Gordon beat Los Medicos
att: 8,493

10/30/69 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Don Carson beat Mil Mascaras 2/3
Lord Littlebrook beat Little Bruiser 2/3
El Medico & Cowboy Lang beat Karl Von Brock & Mighty Atom
Chief Blackhawk beat Great Kojika dq

12/18/69 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Fred Blassie beat Mil Mascaras 2/3
Mr. Moto dcor Great Kojika
Rocky Johnson beat Oregon Lumberjack
Chief Blackhawk drew Mysterious X

12/19/69 Los Angeles, CA @ Olypic Auditorium
International Champion Shohei Giant Baba beat Fritz Von Erich
No dq, Cage Match
Great Kojika beat Mil Mascaras to win Americas Title
Special Referee: Joe Louis
Earl Maynard & Rocky Johnson beat Don Carson & Fred Blassie
El Medico beat Karl Von Brock
Pepper Martin beat Magnificent Maurice
Mysterious X drew Black Hawk

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