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 Posted: Thu Oct 8th, 2020 03:38 am
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srossi wrote: silentkiller wrote: Married Jo wrote: srossi wrote: I think the craziest thing about Eddie’s career is that his biggest song and most high profile hit isn’t even a Van Halen song. It’s easily his guitar solo in “Beat It”.
No way...Jump is bigger..."Beat It" was huge at the time and Thriller was a bigger album but Jump is played EVERYWHERE still to this day, Beat it isn' 16 year old nephew knows Jump but he's prob never even heard Beat it

I still hear Beat It everywhere to this day and my young cousins know Beat It and never heard of Van Halen or almost any old rock groups.

I’m struggling to think of one rock song that possibly reached the same stratosphere as the top 5 Michael Jackson songs, post 1982 (when “Thriller” was released). Maybe “Enter Sandman”?  Probably not even that. But I’m pretty confident that “Jump” isn’t in the discussion.  I really don’t think this debate is even close. Even in this Cancel Culture world we live in with all the pedo shit, MJ is the closest thing to a music God known to literally all that the past 3-4 generations will ever see, and I doubt we’ll ever see anything like it again considering how niche everything is now. 
The closest thing to a music god for the last 3 or 4 generations?
Elvis says Hi. So does Chuck Berry
Paul Mc Cartney also. And John Lennon

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