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 Posted: Wed Oct 21st, 2020 05:44 pm
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kargol wrote: freebirdsforever2019 wrote: Kriss wrote: freebirdsforever2019 wrote: beejmi wrote: Bob Backlund & Pedro Morales beat The Samoans (two straight falls) for the tag titles.

Turns out Backlund (WWWF champ) can't hold the tag title because he's the singles titleholder also

A tournament is held and the Samoans regain the tag team titles

All that was accomplished was to make your unbeatable tag team champs look beatable (they were just beaten two straight falls)

I don't see that as bad booking, I see that as your champs being unbeatable. 

The bad booking is that "if this was real" the rule that Backlund was unable to hold two titles would have been known before the match took place.

I still don't see that as an issue. It shows that the Samoans were beatable when faced by the 2 top guys in the federation. It also showed that the Samoans could rebound and win the titles back in the Tournament.
It also shows there is no point in tag team wrestling at all if you can put two singles wrestlers together and they beat the tag team champions.

Nah, it's the best two singles wrestlers in the fed.  It's believable that two guys with enormous talent on an individual scale could team up and beat the tag champs.
My only issue with it is that it was an advertised title match, so why did they not address the point beforehand that the titles couldn't be held by the singles champs and would  need to be immediately vacated?

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