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 Posted: Fri Jan 8th, 2021 03:22 pm
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Superstar wrote: Anthony Cumia got banned from Twitter for complaining about the woman that "got him fired" from SiriusXM. So no, you are not taking away Trump's free speech, you are simply not allowing him to use your platform. It's similar to how you banned CampCornette, or whomever it was, because they were acting like a cock on the board.

For what it's worth, both Facebook and Instagram have said he's banned until at least after the inauguration, if not longer. Twitter let him back on meaning he must've deleted the three tweets that they hated.

My opinion? Maybe I'm getting to be an old man, but the POTUS should NOT be using Twitter as his source of getting the word out. He comes off as a total joke when he does this. And I would say the same for Biden, or Obama, or any other POTUS that spent even one day per week on Twitter. When you are that important, you should not be dialed in to social media.....and if you want to send a message out to the youth that uses social media as their only source of news, have your publicist run your account so that you don't fuck it up.

Trump was requested to delete 3 posts in particular and he complied.  This was a bit of grandstanding on Twitter's part as they surely could've removed those posts themselves and issued him a warning, but they obviously wanted to make a statement with the ban.  Zuckerberg seems to be more politically motivated than Twitter, and more sensitive since his company was specifically blamed for all those Russian bot posts that got Trump elected in the first place, so I would not be surprised if his FB and IG bans are more permanent. 

As far as POTUS using Twitter, obviously it's a resource in this day and age, but Trump literally thought that tweeting policy in 25 characters or whatever was "official".  He was making executive decisions on Twitter, at least until he changed his mind, and often without them having any basis in reality.  That's why it was seen as a complete joke.  POTUS should be using Twitter to wish people a Happy Memorial Day and shit like that, in professional-sounding soundbytes with correct grammar and spelling vetted by a social media manager.  Beyonce literally has someone on payroll doing this for her, as does every other mega-celebrity.  But the fucking POTUS is ranting incoherently at 3:00 AM like any other Twitter user who just had a fight with his wife and drank a bottle of rum.  His team wakes up every morning dreading the fall-out from whatever he wrote while they were asleep.  It's just insane.

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