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 Posted: Mon Jan 25th, 2021 08:51 pm
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9/13/85 Key West, FL @ High School
United States Tag Team Title Match: Wahoo McDaniel and Billy Jack Haynes (ch) vs Rick Rude and The Grappler
Mike Graham vs Buddy Rose
Hector Guerrero vs Jack Hart (billed as Florida Title Match)
Cocoa Samoa vs Kevin Sullivan
Kendall Windham vs Rip Rogers (w/Brenda Britton)
Frank Lange vs Tony Wonder

12/4/86 Key West, FL @ High School Stadium 
$25,000 Over The Top Rope Blindfold Battle Royal
Southern Title Match: Lex Luger (ch) vs Kareem Muhammed (w/Sir Oliver Humperdinck)
Barry Windham vs Ed Gantner (billed as Florida Title Match)
Hacksaw Higgins vs Kendall Windham (bullrope match)
Bad News Allen vs The Falcon
Rusty Brooks vs Black Magic
Bobby Wales vs The Italian Hitman
JJ Pallo vs Johnny B. Good

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