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 Posted: Tue Jan 26th, 2021 04:20 am
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Franchise wrote:
Spider-Man marvel epic collection vol 8

Let me know how that Epic book is.  I'm looking to add to my collection.
Almost a year ago tonight (Jan 29, 2020 (just happened to look at receipt I saved in one of the books)) I took a drive to an Ollie's about an hour away, and they had about a dozen different Marvel Star Wars Epic collections, among other books.  I've spent the last year going through that pile, and I'm down to just a couple of things left.  The Star Wars ones I picked up generally are the old Dark Horse stories, but it also included a volume of the original Marvel Star Wars series.
All that said, I love the way the books are put together and wouldn't mind diving into some of the core characters in the Marvel Universe.  No idea where to start though.

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