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 Posted: Mon Feb 1st, 2021 07:00 pm
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He won't be traded at all. They are going to hard line him after giving him the mega contract, and if he doesn't play, they won't pay him and he can sit home. This isn't like LeVeon Bell - Watson holds no power in this at all. All he can do is sit out. And on a team that's rebuilding, it's a sure fire way to protect your greatest asset. If they put him on the Restricted list, he won't even get credit for the year I don't think because he's under a signed contract. Bell was not, he was playing on a franchise tag.

They hired a new coach, they have a bad team, no real weapons at all. If Deshaun sits out 2021, it won't hurt the Texans at all. And if he comes back in 2022, they can only be better than they were in 2021 because they are going to be awful in 2021.

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