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 Posted: Thu Mar 18th, 2021 03:07 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: Hmmmm i don't know somebody needs to do a deep dive or who is a texan fan, you can't throw for 5000k yd almost 35tds and 70% completion

and your team goes 4 and 12 and i do remember Watkins having the ball at the end of the game...

i mean they have a bad defense but 4 and 12 with those numbers idk...Cam went 7 and 8 and he should retire i need a texan fan to give me the real
He's got a bit of Jeff George in him.  But that might not be his fault because the coaches are calling the plays.  What I mean by this is, his team will be down early, and the opponent will have just gotten a TD off of a ten play drive, and he will go out there and throw deep and get a quick TD...which sends his exhausted defense back on the field almost immediately.  You have to manage the game a QB, not just the offense.  You need to realize when you have to milk some clock and when you have to just take over.  He is great at taking over but has no idea how to milk a clock.

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