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 Posted: Fri Mar 19th, 2021 09:12 pm
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BuddyPSHayes wrote: beejmi wrote: Two civil suits filed against him, looks like he was seeking 'happy endings' at the massage parlor.

He and Robert Kraft now with things in common

HOUSTON -- Two civil lawsuits have been filed against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson alleging inappropriate conduct during massages, on two separate occasions by two separate plaintiffs.

The first lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday night and appeared on the Harris County district clerk's website on Wednesday morning, alleges inappropriate conduct in a massage therapist's home in Houston in March 2020.

The incident the second lawsuit is based on, filed on Wednesday, occurred Aug. 28, 2020.

There have been NINE allegations against him, another suit was filed today. Conspiracy theories abound. Either DeShaun is orchestrating this so the Texans have no choice to release him, or the Texans are trying to get him throw in jail because fuck you, that's why. The racist McNairs are willing to wreck their team and organization just to prove a point.

22 now, and Deshaun is an idiot for putting himself in this situation... It is obvious whoever is behind this knew he goes to massage parlors or looks online for it and is using it against him . Watson has to move smarter...

And with 22 woman, the nfl will suspend him..and watch the texans try to get out of the contract and void it...deshaun gotta be smarter

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