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 Posted: Sat Oct 20th, 2007 04:59 am
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All of them had been wrestling in Texas for several months. Johnny Valentine didn't go to Crockett until late 1973. Wahoo wrestled his first match for Crockett in 1973 and became a regular for JCP in 1974. Mr Wrestling Tim Woods mainly wrestled in JCP, Florida and Georgia but did manage to have stints in Texas and Omaha among other places. Malenko wrestled mainly in Florida and JCP but he had such a long career that he spent time in the WWWF where he was enhancement talent using his real name Larry Simon, in Omaha as Otto Von Krupp and in Texas. He may have even wrestled some places I don't know about. Some of the old Washington DC clippings Ron Witmer (quasi) has refer to Malenko as Black Diamond Simon.

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