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 Posted: Thu Apr 8th, 2021 01:42 am
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Blazer wrote: KGB wrote: Blazer wrote: Yes, listened whenever I had a chance. I think I found out about it either by reading the old rspw board on Usenet or perhaps Ross mentioned it on one of the Saturday night shows. I was able to pick it up in December of ‘91 when I was home on Christmas Break in Chicago. It barely came in, and it would fade a little bit, but I could get it. I remember a specific episode when Schiavone joined Ross and they took calls. Ross also mentioned that he’d autograph the old WCW Impel trading cards (that were out at the time) if you sent them to him at WSB with a SASE. I sent him a couple, and they came back. Still have them in one of my card boxes.
WSB was 750 AM if I recall.  We have WGN at 720 and WBBM at 780 AM in Chicago, so WSB had a fairly clear space to come in.  What’s crazy is that I was able to pickup the FAN from NY in 1992, which is/was 660 AM, while we had 670 WMAQ in Chicago (50,000 Watts).  No idea how I was able to do that.  This wasn’t in the car either. 

That reminds me of driving back to Western New York after attending the Royal Rumble in Albany.  The guy I went with and I were Steelers fans and that was the day they hired Bill Cowher.  In 1992, there was no sports radio in Buffalo, but we were able to get a signal from the FAN almost the entire way home, and they discussed the hiring quite a bit.  
Today, I imagine that where I live WSB would be drowned out by the signal from Toronto's AM740, which has a massive signal.  

I love discussions like this.  I'm sure kids ten years from now won't get it.  Maybe they don't even get it now.  I read recently that some new cars don't even have AM radios.

Another AM sports radio find for me was in late '89 or early '90, pulling in WLW (AM 700) out of Cincinnati. Pete Rose had a nighttime call-in radio show after he got booted from baseball.  That was a fun listen.
Chicago radio used to come in here in the evenings when I was a kid and I listened all the time, especially out camping in the summer, staying out in the tent. AM 1000 as I recall.

Hawks games I still listen to in the car, most evenings I can get AM720 quite easily with little fade in or out.

One of the things I remember is that the Chicago radio had a lot of hillarious commercials, which didn't really exist in this part of the world on our radio stations, which were basic and by-the-book for programming and commercials.