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 Posted: Thu Apr 8th, 2021 02:41 am
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Never heard Ross’ show. But this thread brings back memories. It’s funny that you forget things over the years, but to this day on weekend nights I can pick up Cleveland 600AM on my car radio in my driveway. And found out by mistake because we disconnected the battery cable to do some work on something and when we reconnected it, 600 was the station that came on. I never remember getting Atlanta, but back in the day I could get WGN 720. And we must’ve been able to get AM 1000, because my cousin was from Wisconsin and listened to Chet Coppock, and he would come out here for the summer and we would listen sometimes. This thread now gives me inspiration to find out exactly what I can still get in my car; my house barely pulls in a local signal, but my car can still get things done.

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