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 Posted: Sun Dec 28th, 2008 07:33 pm
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There is a youtube video with Denucci & Rivera taking on The Blackjacks.  This is the one in which a mini-riot broke out at the Hamburg taping after the match.  It was not shown on TV. 

I got a few questions, since many of you are video & tape experts:

Has this video been around for awhile?

Was this released by the WWF or was it produced from somebody's collection?

Why were Denucci and Rivera facing The Blackjacks with the titles not being on the line?  Was this a setup for the title match?  If so, Rivera must have left right after this match took place.  What was the time span between this match and the time when The Blackjacks actually won the titles from Denucci and Barrett?  It seems like an odd sequence in terms of time and events.

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