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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2007 10:00 pm
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I said before that I could start a whole thread on my ghetto high school.  I just did.  So, I went to high school in the ghetto.  I didn't live there, I was bussed there.  Big ol' white me.  And I was whiter then.

So, the school I went to was basically divided between the neighborhood kids and the non-African American kids who were all bussed in for magnet school stuff.  Every city has a school like this, and if you went to one and have similar stories to share, please do.

Note that I'm not ridiculing the people involved or making fun of their race or social or moral standing.  Really, I'm not.

So this one time, "Jamal" in my computer class was sent to stand outside for interrupting the teacher's lecture by barking, at random, lines from what I think was an LL Cool J song.  He was doing a sort of call-and-response to the girls across the room.  ("Hey Ladies!" and they would reply "Get Funky")

So, Jamal is outside.  The teacher goes out to talk to him.  About the second the door clicks shut behind him we hear the teacher go ballistic.  Discussion abounds in the classroom about the harsh treatment until confusion arises when we hear Jamal ask, repeatedly, "Did you SEE me piss on the do'?  DID you SEE me PISS on da do'?!"

The highlight of this besides that line being the teacher's response of "who in the FUCK else came by and pissed on the door, and why didn't you stop them?"

So anyway, Jamal was off to the office, and noone dared ask the teacher what happened or anything else for the rest of the period.

I don't quite know what happened to Jamal at the office.  He was out and in high spirits during lunch, he was seen after school, and he didn't miss a day of class, so the thinking is, that maybe since, indeed, noone SAW him piss on the door, that he wasn't punished.

Jamal is one of my personal heroes.