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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2007 10:52 pm
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: BigJ wrote:

So this one time, "Jamal" in my computer class was sent to stand outside for interrupting the teacher's lecture by barking, at random, lines from what I think was an LL Cool J song.  He was doing a sort of call-and-response to the girls across the room.  ("Hey Ladies!" and they would reply "Get Funky")

Beastie Boys

Ah, thank you.  I should have known that.

Rossi's gang rape story reminds me of the time two of the "neighborhood gals" went at it while waiting for the afternoon bus.

The bus loading zone was on the south end of the campus, which was a good walk from the office, etc.  If anyone really wanted to start some shit, it usually started there.

Anyway, two girls, each weighing at least 225 and each having spent at least a minute per pound tightly braiding her hair, decided to get into the nastiest fistfight I've ever seen to this day, man, woman or in this case beast.

I have no clue what prompted the tussle, but it ended with one girl's skirt ripped off and a couple teeth knocked out, and she was the winner.  The loser had her shirt ripped off, her bra ripped halfway off exposing one breast, and her face cheese-grated against the popcorn-stucco wall of the classroom nearby.  I have rarely seen so much blood streaming down one person's face in a pro wrestling match, much less in person in a real fight.  She looked like a tiger got hold of her face.  And she was screaming at the other girl to "bring it on again, BATCH"

Next time I'll talk about senior ditch day and the high-stakes cage fighting.  That'll probably be in 5 minutes or so.