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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2007 03:07 pm
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srossi wrote: I went to a ghetto junior high.  Weird place.  It was a magnet school, which was in vogue at the time (maybe still is).  Kids were bused in from all over, most them very white and very artsy.  Then there were the kids like me from the neighborhood, most of whom were very white too, and a lot of Greeks.  Then there were the kids from the projects about 15 blocks from the school.  They were at a distinct numbers disadvantage but that didn't stop them from terrorizing the rest of us for 3 years.  Gym class usually resembled a prison rape and the lunch room consisted of them having the run of the place while the majority huddled in a corner and tried not to make eye contact in the hopes that they would just stab each other and leave us alone. 

It wasn't just the getting our asses whipped either (that only happened to me once), it was the rampant pickpotting and thievery.  You couldn't bring ANYTHING to school.   School projects needed to be guarded with your life because kids would just steal and destroy them.  Nice clothes would be ripped up, expensive sneakers stolen.  Engraved pens and even Trapper Keepers never lasted more than a day.  I had a nice scientific calculator stolen out of my bag as I walked up the stairs.  Starter caps and jackets were hot and were immediately swiped.  And this was long before iPods, cell phones, laptops, etc. at school.  In can't imagine what they'd do now.

Only really "good" story though is the time an 11 year old white boy was basically gang raped by 3 HUGE 13-year old black chicks.  They probably weighed 200 pounds each and they trapped him in the stairway and ripped his clothes completely off, then gave him a blowjob, fingered his asshole, and forced his face into their crotches and tits.  They literally found pieces of pants and underwear all over the school, like Bruce Banner had transformed into the Incredible Hulk.  He made it to the locker room of the gym where the janitor found him completely naked in the fetal position on a bench after school let out.  We never found out who the kid was (we did find out who the girls were) but it made the local news. 


What junior high did you go to?