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 Posted: Mon Jan 12th, 2009 11:44 pm
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I know Moyer is an in-joke, but he is a career 4.20 ERA pitcher, nobody with near a 4.00 career ERA has ever gotten in, even if they pitched in the AL. Wins and losses aside, his ERA is too high. And it won't improve - longevity helps the wins total, but usually hurts the ERA.

Mattingly was the top AL all-around guy but for a short time, '85-'87, maybe 84-87 stretching it. He may have been Koufax-esque in his single best year, but that is about it. Look at Koufax's stats. And Koufax did it for longer.

Plus, the gap between Koufax and his contemporaries was larger that Mattingly and his, even in Don's best days.

The only reason I say Mattingly will possibly get in down the road from the Veteran's committee is that many of Mattingly's contemporaries feel he was a top guy. When the HoF is dominated by guys Mattingly's age  or a shade younger, his day may well come. The writers will not put him in.

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