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 Posted: Mon Jan 12th, 2009 11:48 pm
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HBF wrote:  It's the same with Dale Murphy here in ATL. 

Dale Murphy was possibly one more big year from being in. When he was in his prime - 82-83-84 many thought he would get in. Then the Braves went to shit, they started pitching around him, and then his back went on him. He was tall, he could hit, throw (in the outfield, not as a catcher), and run. But after he got hurt he couldn't even stand.

As for Ted's point on McGriff vs Rice - that is a good point. I just do not know if McGriff has the intimidation factor against the pitchers the way Rice did. Listen to the star pitchers of Rice's day talk about him. More than one will say he was the worst guy in the AL to face. I am pretty sure that both Guidry and Gossage say that pitching to Rice was the pits. I don't know if McGriff (who played in an era of more homers in smaller ballparks all around) has that level of respect.

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