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 Posted: Sun Jan 18th, 2009 04:01 pm
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I am glad you like them clawmaster. Here is another.

Atlantic Coast Wrestling (Taped for TV)
Friday March 31, 1989
Concord, NC @ The Recreation Center

Show # 1

Host: Bill Connell, Co-Host: Baby Doll

1. Bill Connell interviews Nelson Royal with Sha Sha
2. Sam Houston beat Tai of the South Pacific Connection (Heavyweight Tourney match)
3. Don Kernodle is interviewed by Bill Connell
4. Doug Sommers beat David Isley
5. Local promo: Spike, The D.I., Nelson Royal with Sha Sha are interviewed by Bill Connell
6. Sam Houston is interviewed by Bill Connell
7. Don Kernodle beats Seoni of the South Pacific Connection in another ACW Heavyweight tournament match
8. Local promo: Ivan & Nikita Koloff are interviewed by Bill Connell
9. Bill Connell interviews Sam Houston & Don Kernodle in the ring about their upcoming match against each other in the ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament. Sam and Don don’t want to face each other because of their friendship. They agree to a coin toss by the referee. The loser of the coin toss will drop out of the tournament. Although Sam Houston wins the toss he still offers to drop out because he wants to concentrate on Nelson Royal and the World Jr. Heavyweight Title. Don Kernodle says no. Don then offers Sam $1000 for his spot in the tournament. They agree on that so Don Kernodle stays in the tournament while Sam can focus on Nelson Royal.
10. Jack Jackson scores a surprise win over the D.I.
11. Nelson Royal beat Mark Brown
12. Local promo: Sam Houston, Tommy Angel and David Isley are interviewed by Bill Connell
13. Spike of the Mod Squad & The D.I. (subbing for the injured Basher) beat Tommy Angel & Rikki Nelson to win the ACW Tag Team Title in the final match of that tournament.
14. The D.I. & Spike are interviewed at ringside after the match by Bill Connell & Baby Doll