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WWF @ Wichita Falls, TX - Auditorium - June 17, 1987 (600)
Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Jerry Allen
Tom Magee pinned Terry Gibbs
The Dingo Warrior pinned Steve Lombardi
Sam Houston pinned Tiger Chung Lee
WWF Women's Champion the Fabulous Moolah pinned Debbie Combs
The One Man Gang pinned Ted Dibiase
Tito Santana pinned Killer Khan
The Junkyard Dog pinned Nikolai Volkoff

WWF @ Odessa, TX - Ector County Coliseum - June 18, 1987
Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Jerry Allen
Tom Magee defeated Terry Gibbs
Sam Houston defeated Tiger Chung Lee
WWF Women’s Champion the Fabulous Moolah defeated Debbie Combs
The Dingo Warrior defeated Steve Lombardi
The One Man Gang defeated Ted Dibiase
Killer Khan defeated Tito Santana
The Junkyard Dog defeated Nikolai Volkoff

WWF @ Houston, TX - Sam Houston Coliseum - June 7, 1987
George Steele defeated Tiger Chung Lee
Koko B. Ware pinned the Red Demon with the Ghostbuster at 5:08
Ron Bass defeated Scott Casey
Sam Houston pinned Terry Gibbs with a bulldog at 7:22
Tito Santana defeated Killer Khan via disqualification at 9:30 when Khan picked Santana up in a back suplex and then dropped him crotch-first across the top rope (Best of the WWF Vol. 14)
The One Man Gang defeated Ted Dibiase after Ron Bass interfered
The Junkyard Dog defeated Nikolai Volkoff

was diblase the face in his matches with the gang?