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 Posted: Tue Jan 20th, 2009 04:04 am
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Mar --  as a admin acting like he owns the place! It’s disgusting to watch someone use their supreme dictatorship power without care of compassion for the members they’re meant to be taking care of.   (hmm sounds like Chernau again)

umm...   Mar in general let the forum moderate itself, the more rules you make, the more they will be broken, use fewer rules and their is less moderating work to do.  Dont be afraid to bring other in to help, forums are a community family and administration should be done in a team effort.  Not a individual on a power trip like yourslef and Nulty and Chernau and other assholes like yourslelves.   It is why yourself, Chernau, Nulty and Ghost  are the biggest ass wipes on the internet.