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 Posted: Wed Jan 21st, 2009 06:44 am
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Nulty enables Ghost and Mask to do what they want at WC. However Mask spews his shit in many more places than ghost. That puts Mask above Ghost and above Nulty. Ghost not being a factor on other boards doesn't really hurt him here as Nulty has not posted outside WC in ages.

But Nulty is a bad tarder and a bad ring announcer. Ghost is a racist and damn proud of it. So in reality we have a bad tarder and bad ring announcer against a proud racist if we call their WC douchebaggery a wash.

Ghost's racist views only are on the internet. Nulty is on tapes, DVDs and shafts people for profit. Looks like Nulty's douchbaggery reaches farther than Ghost's views on life.

I dislike Ghost more. Nulty has answered questions for me correctly in the past. I really want to vote Ghost but can't get past Nulty's far reaching douchebaggery that even got him banned from Fan Fest and the CAC.

Gotta vote Nulty.


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