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 Posted: Thu Jan 22nd, 2009 03:08 am
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Nah, I had to put up with the running game problems all season.  I do think that if the Stillers can get it going it will help their efforts immensely by keeping Warner off of the field.

I think what bothers me is that for some reason I can see the Cards hitting some big bombs or gadgets that will result in points quickly.  They have the weapons to do it.

I think the key is going to be the Steelers D versus the Cards O.  If the Steelers can contain Warner and Fitz, then I am confident that the Steelers can eventually put the points on the board.

Something just keeps telling me that the Cards are going to throw something at the Steelers that they are not expecting.  Is it because Whis used to match up against LeBeau in practice?  Maybe that's what it is.

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