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 Posted: Sun Feb 8th, 2009 10:15 pm
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I thought Inoki was on the December 1984 MSG show against David Shultz, the same event where the John Stossel deal went down; just going from memory.


Didn't Inoki also face Steve Williams on a Dallas card for Fritz somewhere in the mid 80s as well?

From Graham Cawthon's site and World Class Memories:

WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - December 28, 1984 (26,092 including several thousand at Felt Forum)
It was backstage during this event that ABC '20/20' reporter John Stossel was assaulted by David Schultz during an interview in which Stossel asked Schultz if wrestling was fake; as a result of the incident, Stossel filed suit against both the WWF and Schultz
Televised on the MSG Network - included Gorilla Monsoon & Gene Okerlund on commentary; originally announced to appear were Paul Orndorff, Rocky Johnson, Angelo Mosca, and a match between Nikolai Volkoff and Tony Garea; featured Cyndi Lauper being presented an award by the WWF for her contributions over the past year, with Cyndi then giving the WWF a gold platinum record, accepted by WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan and WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter; moments later, Lauper introduced Capt. Lou Albano and presented him with a record as well for his helping Lauper raise over $4 milliong for multiple sclerosis; eventually, Roddy Piper and Bob Orton Jr. came ringside, with Piper smashing the record over Albano's head, pushing Lauper down, and then bodyslamming David Wolff; Piper then went backstage when Hogan returned to the ring:
Brutus Beefcake (w/ Johnny V) pinned SD Jones at 13:22 with a running kneelift
Salvatore Bellamo pinned Johnny Rodz at 5:36 with a reverse crossbody off the middle turnbuckle; prior to the bout, Howard Finkel introduced Bellomo's parents who were sitting in the crowd
Japanese TV - 1/4/85; Prime Time Wrestling - 2/19/85: World Martial Arts Champion Antonio Inoki pinned David Schultz at 5:16 with an enzuiguri (Schultz and Inoki's last MSG appearance)
The Junkyard Dog pinned Paul Kelly at 3:05 with the powerslam (JYD's MSG debut)
Prime Time Wrestling - 2/19/85; Japanese TV - 1/4/85: The Cobra pinned the Black Tiger to win the vacant WWF Jr. Heavyweight Title at 12:29 with a tombstone and senton bomb off the top; after the bout, the Black Tiger attacked the Cobra after Cobra offered to shake hands; moments later, the Cobra retaliated by hitting Tiger with a steel chair (Best of the WWF Vol. 1)
Prime Time Wrestling - 2/19/85: Jimmy Snuka & the Tonga Kid fought Roddy Piper & Bob Orton Jr. to a double disqualification at 14:58 when all four men began brawling in the ring and Snuka shoved the referee to the mat; after the bout, Snuka & Tonga cleared the ring of the opposition (Rowdy Roddy Piper's Greatest Hits)
Prime Time Wrestling - 2/19/85: Mike Rotundo pinned Rene Goulet at 10:38 with an airplane spin
WWF Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch fought Jack & Jerry Brisco to a double count-out at 26:46 when all four men began brawling on the floor; after the match, the challengers put Adonis & Murdoch in simultaneous figure-4 leglocks
Prime Time Wrestling - 2/19/85: Barry Windham pinned Mr. Fuji at the 19-second mark with a bulldog
Japanese TV - 1/4/85; Prime Time Wrestling - 2/19/85: WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned the Iron Sheik (w/ Freddie Blassie) at 3:31 with a powerslam and the legdrop


12/25/85 Dallas (Reunion Arena, att. 14,000)
Johnny Mantell beat Tommy Montana
Tatsumi Fujinami beat Masked Demon
Antonio Inoki beat Steve "Dr. Death" Williams
Missing Link beat Jack Victory
Lance Von Erich beat Rick Rude DQ
Scott Casey & Sunshine beat John Tatum & Missy Hyatt
Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts beat Mark Youngblood & Dave Peterson
Cosmic Cowboys (Kevin & Kerry Von Erich) beat Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez DQ
Bruiser Brody beat One Man Gang, chain match
Brian Adias & Iceman Parsons beat Grappler & Kabuki
Kevin, Kerry & Lance Von Erich beat Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts, lights out match