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 Posted: Tue Feb 24th, 2009 11:30 pm
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A few random thoughts -

Ernie Digregorio had the blackest game for a white guy ever.  But alas, he earned the nickname "Ernie No-D".  He played at Providence with noted headcase and ubertalent Marvin "Bad News" Barnes and Kevin Stacom, who became the Celtics designated thug off the bench.

When I would see him in the ABA, Swen Nater was a hothead with a short temper who was never shy about responding to a provocation or throwing a punch.  For a big guy, he could really fight.  Somewhere along the way, probably during his Milwaukee years right after the merger, he became born again and pacified and had totally lost that edge by the time he came to the Lakers.

Dennis Awtrey had a long NBA career based primarily on the fact that he got the better of Lew Alcindor - Kareem Abdul Jabbar at least twice on national television.  Not in basketball, in fights.  The guy was tough.

Sidney Wicks was hampered by being in the closet for his entire career.  Having the living shit beaten out of him by 5'9" Calvin Murphy on national television didn't help matters, but Murphy beat the shit out of a lot of guys.

Moses Malone and Bobby Jones are probbaly my two favorite players ever who aren't Dr. J, and that '83 Sixers team is by far my favorite team ever.

You have to be really old to remember how very good Billy Cunningham was as a player.  Very few white guys could jump like he could Tom Chambers and Bobby Jones comparing to him in that regard.

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