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 Posted: Sun Mar 1st, 2009 06:19 am
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tamalie wrote:
freebirdsforever2001 wrote: BayouBoogie wrote: LAF wrote: Fennis Dembo

Good one.

Caldwell Jones

Herb Williams

Caldwell went to Houston in the trade that brought Moses Malone to Philly.

Caldwell also had three brothers, Wil, Major, and Charles, who, like him, played college basketball at Albany State in Georgia and then in the NBA and ABA. Near the end of his career, Charles picked up a title ring as a bench player for the Rockets.

In 1991, Dad took me to a Braves game. We stopped at the McDonald's on Cleveland Avenue for a meal.

He left me at a table while he went to order. Several minutes later, he comes back with the food and a story.

Dad's 6'5". Another tall guy in line out of the blue started talking to him.

Guy: You ever play basketball?

Dad: No. Did you?

Guy: Albany State.

Dad: Did you ever play with the Taylor boys?

Guy: Do you know Miss Mattie?

Dad apparently confirmed it. The guy starts talking about going with the Taylor brothers to their home in Enigma. Their mother - Miss Mattie - can cook and she'd feed anybody who walked in the door.

The Taylor boys are our local legends. We're friends with the family, as Dad worked with Miss Mattie at Enigma Elementary.

This story does have a bit of a point.

Last year, Dad ran into one of the Taylor boys. He hadn't seen him in years. He happened to remember the meeting in Atlanta and asked him who it could've been.

Wayne told him it was probably one of the Jones brothers. Based on the years they all played at Albany State and how tall he was, we figure it was probably Wil.

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