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 Posted: Mon Mar 2nd, 2009 04:45 am
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beejmi wrote: I find it hard to believe that Ebersol would have that much pull as it pertains to things besides SNMEs.

Why not? he was head of NBC @ the time, and the WWE were still sorta newbies when it came to doing shows on their network. It's only natural that the head of the tv company would try a dickish move like writing a script for wrestlers to follow. He's not a wrestling person, he's a tv person. Much like Jim Turd wsn't a wrestling person when he took over NWA/WCW, and look what he did after taking over?


Ebersol was trying to be the man in EVERYthing he could be, and wrestling wasn't one of them. I dont blame Jake for being pissed, and not wanting to follow along, or "tow the line", just to make NBC happy. He didn't like it(the script) and said something about it.  Had this been Hogan saying it, or someone else more prominant, no one wouldve said a thing about it, and  not made a big deal of it. But, because it was Jake, it's a big deal? I dont blame Jake for feeling that way, as Humpy and Gary Hart BOTH told me they agreed with what he said/did & both said they didn't think Ebersol should've had anything to do w/wrestling outside of it being put onto his network at the time. Also, BOTH said they met Ebersol and thought he was a huge dick.

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