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 Posted: Wed Jan 2nd, 2008 04:50 am
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5/26/70 Pensacola, FL
Bob Kelly beat Col. Beauregard
Rip Tyler & Randy Tyler beat Alex Medina & Ken Lucas
Jimmy Golden beat Mike Boyette dq
Dick Dunn beat Eddie Sullivan

5/28/70 Hattiesburg, MS @ Wade Kennedy Arena
Flash Monroe & Jimmy Golden vs Rip & Randy Tyler
Cowboy Bob Kelly vs Mike Boyette
Hair vs Mask match
Bobby Fields vs the Big Blue Yankee

6/1/70 Panama City, FL @ Rainbow Roller Rink
Bob Boyer vs Jimmy Golden
The Mysterious Medic vs Dick Dunn
Rocket & Flash Monroe vs Eddie Sullivan & the Wrestling Pro

6/2/70 Pensacola, FL @ Pensacola Outside Arena
Eddie Sullivan vs Dick Dunn
Rip & Randy Tyler vs Ken Lucas & Alex Medina
Mike Boyette vs Jimmy Golden
Loser Leaves Town match
Cowboy Bob Kelly vs Col. Beauregarde Van Buren 
Kelly must win two straight falls in 15
minutes or leave Pensacola. If Kelly wins 2 straight falls in 15 minutes,
Van Buren leaves Pensacola.

6/29/70 Panama City, FL @ Rainbow Roller Rink
Jimmy Golden vs Blue Yankee
Dick Dunn & Silento Rodriguez vs the Wrestling Pro & Eddie Sullivan
10 round boxing match
Jimmy Jones vs Col. Beauregarde Van Buren

6/30/70 Pensacola, FL @ Pensacola Outdoor Arena
Jimmy Golden vs Gentleman Jim
Silento Rodriguez vs the Blue Yankee
Ken Lucas & Cowboy Bob Kelly vs Wrestling Pro & Mysterious Medic
10 round boxing match
Dynamite Dick Dunn vs Eddie (the Masked Man) Sullivan

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