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9/17/73 West Palm Beach, FL @ Auditorium
Buddy Fuller & Robert Fuller & Ron Fuller vs the Samoans & Dandy Jack Crawford
Florida Champion Great Mephisto vs Jimmy Golden
No dq Match, No Time Limit
Mr Wrestling Tim Woods vs Don Carson
Tony Charles vs Gene Lewis
Steve Keirn vs John Smith

11/8/73 Jacksonville, FL @ Coliseum
Paul Jones beat Dusty Rhodes
Bill Dromo beat Buddy Colt
Jimmy Golden beat Don Carson
Haystack Calhoun & Dennis Stamp beat Dick Slater & Mark Stone
Jos Leduc & Paul LeDuc beat The Samoans
Kevin Sullivan & Tony Charles beat Les Thornton & Skull Von Stroheim
Great Malenko beat Gene Lewis & Big Winston
Frank Hester beat Taro Hayashi

11/14/73 Miami, FL
NWA Champion Jack Brisco beat Don Carson
Paul Jones beat Terry Funk
Lou Thesz beat Johnny Walker
Jos Leduc & Paul Leduc beat Pedro Godoy & Magnificent Sardo
Jumpin Jerry beat Frenchy Lamont
Tony Charles & Dennis Stamp & Great Malenko beat Magnificent Sardo & Pedro Godoy & Les Thornton
Jimmy Golden beat Mark Stone

11/27/73 Tampa, FL @ Fort Homer Hesterly Armory
Lights Out match
Paul Jones beat Dusty Rhodes
Eddie Graham beat Buddy Colt
Jos Leduc & Paul LeDuc beat Don Carson & Billy Spears
Mike Graham beat George McCreary
Bonnie Watson won battle royal
Jimmy Golden beat Les Thornton
Jack Welch beat Taro Hayashi

12/12/73 Miami, FL
No dq Match
Southern Champion Dusty Rhodes beat Jos LeDuc
No dq Match
Eddie Graham & Mike Graham beat Buddy Colt & Dandy Jack COR
Mad Dog Vachon beat Tony Charles
Paul Leduc beat Les Thornton
Bill Watts beat Big Mac
Jimmy Golden beat Mr. X
Florida Women's Champion Bonnie Watson beat Dottie Downs

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