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 Posted: Sat Mar 14th, 2009 09:24 pm
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2/1/80 Shreveport
Ted Dibiase beat Mike George
Junkyard Dog beat Ernie Ladd dq
Freebirds beat King Cobra & Mike Sharpe
Paul Orndorff beat Bob Sweetan
Frenchy Martin beat Ben Alexander
Bull Ramos & Tank Patton beat Steve Hall & Ricky Fields

4/9/80 Jackson, MS
Junkyard Dog beat Bull Ramos to win Mississippi Title
Paul Orndorff & Terry Orndorff beat Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes dq
Killer Kahn beat Terry Latham
Ken Mantell beat Tommy Wright
Ben Alexander beat Bob Owens

4/16/80 Jackson, MS
Mid South Tag Team Champions Junkyard Dog & Buck Robley beat Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes dq
Paul Orndorff beat Ken Mantell
Killer Kahn beat King Cobra
Steven Little Bear beat Mike Bowyer
Buddy Roberts beat Tommy Wright
Terry Latham beat Bob Owens

4/29/80 Jackson, MS
Lumberjack Match
Paul Orndorff beat Ken Mantell
Tommy Rich beat Austin Idol
Junkyard Dog beat Killer Kahn
Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes beat Terry Orndorff & King Cobra
Steven Littlebear beat Buddy Roberts
Handicap Match
Stan Stasiak beat Terry Latham & Tommy Wright

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We are the priests
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