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1/10/83 Birmingham, AL
Jimmy Golden dcor Bob Armstrong
Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones beat Midnight Express dq
Mr. Olympia beat Bill Ash
Mongolian Stomper beat Kortsia Korchenko COR
Robert Gibson beat Norman Frederick Charles III to win the US Jr heavyweight title
Judy Martin beat Velvet McIntyre

1/17/83 Birmingham, AL
Loser Leave Town
Mongolian Stomper vs Korstia Korchenko
Canadian Lumberjack Match
Bob Armstrong vs Austin Idol
Texas Tornado Match
Midnight Express (Rose, Austin, & Condrey) vs Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones
No dq Match
Mr Olympia vs Bill Ash
US Jr Champion Robert Gibson vs Norman Frederick Charles III

2/7/83 Birmingham, AL
Southern Street Fight
The Midnight Express, Inc. (Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, Norvel Austin, & Norman Charles III) vs Jimmy Golden & Austin Idol & Tom Jones & Mr. Olympia
Southeastern Champion Bob Armstrong vs Mongolian Stomper
US Jr title match
Robert Gibson vs Bill Ash
Brass Knuckles Match
Roy Lee Welch vs The Executioner
Jimmy Golden vs Norman Frederick Charles III

4/11/83 Birmingham, AL
Lumberjack match
Mongolian Stomper vs Austin Idol
Street Fight
Ken Lucas vs Bob Armstrong
Southeastern Tag Title Match
Buck Robley & Frank Savage vs Midnight Express Randy Rose & Norvel Austin
North American Champion Mr. Olympia vs Dennis Condrey
No dq Match
Jimmy Golden vs the Flame
Mike Jackson vs US Jr Champion Bill Ash

5/2/83 Birmingham, AL
Brass Knuckles Title Match
Mongolian Stomper vs Austin Idol
Southeastern Champion Bob Armstrong vs Buck Robley
Elimination Match
Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Norvel Austin & Randy Rose) vs Ken Lucas & Tom Jones & Frank Savage
Alabama Title Match
The Flame vs Jimmy Golden
US Jr Title Match
Tommy Rogers vs Bill Ash

5/24/83 Birmingham, AL
NWA Champion Ric Flair vs Austin Idol
Southeastern Champion Bob Amstrong vs Jimmy Golden
Southeastern Tag Title Match
Midnight Express, Inc. (Austin & Rose & Condrey) vs Ken Lucas & Eddie Hogan
Brass Knuckles Champion Buck Robley vs Jon Braxton
Ricky Gibson vs Alabama Champion The Flame
Tommy Rogers vs Midnight Stallion

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