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 Posted: Thu Apr 9th, 2009 03:27 am
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Naitch, I like blues bars.  I'm not too high-rolling.  I also ate at the diner behind my hotel this morning.  We don't get too many real diners in Atlanta.  A Jersey boy like me appreciates them!

We spent all day Tuesday at this convention at McCormick Place.  Met my brother and his girlfriend at Gracey-something on 14th and Michigan just down the road from where I stayed.  We drank Glenlivet, which I almost never touch unless my brother's around. 
My brother and his girlfriend left and me and my boss went to Buddy Guy's Legends.  They had a killer blues guitarist named Joe Moss, and then Buddy went up and sang with him.  I had a great time there.
Today, we went to the convention again but it was dead.  I had to wait for my flight at 6:30CST and we spent a few hours drinking at the Harry Caray's bar in Midway.

I have always had a good time in Chicago and have never met somebody from there who I disliked.

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