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 Posted: Tue Jan 8th, 2008 01:35 pm
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HBF wrote: They need to change his name to Enigma Manning.  Christ, what an emotional rollercoaster he puts a fan through!

Bingo or any other old G-Men fans, do you guys ever remember Simms being as up and down as Eli when he was just a kid?  I remember fans bitching about him but always thought he was pretty solid, even if Parcells sometimes didn't (ie-benching him for Scott Brunner).

I don't think Simms was as inconsistent as Eli but I don't think he was ever truly accpeted until they won the Super Bowl. I think going into the Denver game people were still worried about him.

On another note, Simms is probably my alltime favorite football player but there is no way they make it to or win SuperBowl XXV with him as QB. Hoss just brought something that the Giants had had since Tarkenton and haven't had since, a mobile QB.

Edit- Was it Parcells that kept benching him or was it Ray Perkins? I thought once Bill got there the QB situation was stabalized.

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