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How Much Footage do you own...  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Jan 27th, 2008 10:35 pm
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Well to go along w/ Bix, Khawk & HBF, I'll throw some money your way Ron if you ever decided to go thru that footage. 

But to answer the actually thread, I have a few 100 hrs sitting aorund my house right now that hasn't been watched. But I am lucky in that my bosses let me have a portable dvd player playing on my desk all day @ work so I get spin wrestling discs all day. I don't always pay attention to it but it's going.

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 Posted: Sun Jan 27th, 2008 10:58 pm
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Ron wrote: I never catalogued it.  I never even watched most of the tapes even once.  I was taping in the 1980's from a satellite dish i had bought.  So I was taping areas I had no interest in for others.  Today I wished i had those weekly TV shows I had taped.  I wihsed I would have saved all the ICW stuff I had taped from Savoldi.  I have some matches, but I only saved certain ones.  I was mainly trading.  I was getting stuff as "special treats" given to me, because I was not even trading for stuff at times.  I was filling their weekly requests, but not asking for money or stuff in return because I did not have time to watch anything.   So at times I would ask for stuff they had, but I never had time to watch it back then.  I had subscribed to so many newsletters.  And even to the Audio version that was mailed out on casette.  I think Jeff did that one.  He had more news and had it before Meltzer had it.  His problem is it took longer to get the information out.  But he had it first.

I always question and wonder who owns the rights to the spectrums footage?   It is something that is not turning up much on video tapes comercially released on hardly on 24/7,  but yet it has so much key matches happening in the late 70's to early 80's.   I could go make a list of what I have for MSG and the Spectrum.   Nikolai Volkoff called me a idiot in Hamburg, PA a few years ago.  We were talking about Hamburg from the 70's dealing with the TV tapings. 

When he found out I had erased a lot of Spectrum shows from 1977 and 1978 you could see the dissapointment in his face.  I had lost total interest in wrestling by 1980.  So we would replay these taped of Graham and Bruno to death. We had the famous 3 graham vs Bruno matches.  We had the Scicilian stretcher match we had half of 1977 and all of 1978 and onward.  Then eventually we just erased them in the early 80's   Funny thing is how the original RCA video tapes from the 1970's were so much clearer than the ones they sold us in the 1980's when they started all the different formats to sell.  High Grade and Premium Grade tapes and etc...   The original tapes sold were better, and outlasted what came later.

VHS machines came out in 1977.   Most say they didnt, and came out in 1978 sometime.   We got one from JC Penny for around $1000.00    It is why we had Spectrum from Prism network, and MSG stuff when it aired on WOR  in 1977 for the fill in, for the Basketball games and etc...   Their is a large old trading community out their who have stuff and it is still in good shape.  They just like me, had lost total interest in the sport and do not trade, or even look up wrestling on the internet.  These are the guys that have the stuff that doenst circulate today.  Those traders died off in the mid to late 80's to never return.

I have to agree that is is great and sad,I would definitely chip in some money to get to see that stuff.I helped out Bix when he was transferring and would definitely help out this cause. Wow,its a shame that you got rid of/taped over alot of that 1977-1978 footage,that stuff is gold! I started watching Wrestling in 1978 and would love to see the Spectrum shows/MSG shows/WWWF TV from the late 70's.Keep me updated on what you plan on doing with the tapes.

Also,a friend and I purchsed a collection,it was actually late 80's-90's(nothing great),but alot of the tapes has the white powder inside of them(either mold/mildew) and we had to toss them.We lost about a third of the collection.


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 Posted: Mon Jan 28th, 2008 10:32 pm
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I have enough stuff that I haven't watched to the point that I could watch dvd's for 24 hours a day for about 9 months and still have stuff that I haven't gotten too yet.


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 Posted: Mon Jan 28th, 2008 11:57 pm
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Does anyone here remember a story from several years ago about a trader with a gigantic collection sitting in shacks on his farm?  Due to the crappy storage conditions, mold and weeds grew into the tapes.  I recall the story coming up in a discussion of Nelson Royal's ACW not circulating much among traders and this dude had taped some.

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 Posted: Tue Jan 29th, 2008 03:18 am
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Sad thing is that there are tons of these kinds of things happening that we will never even hear about.

Hell, just talk to hoopsjohnson about what he had to go through to get his Portland stuff fixed up and converted. You know there is nore footage like that around but the people that have it have no inkling to ever get it converted and if they did, no chance they would invest the time and effort that guys like Hoops and Bix and others have.

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