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I don't think any pinfall losses by him exist on video. Now I am sure in those US title switches with BoBo Brazil there were some pinfall losses. I would guess Mark Lewin probably has pinned him as well. I am thinking this is a short list ~ guys who have pinned The Original Sheik.

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Sheik jobbed more than you would think before he became the owner of the Detroit promotion.

9/24/55 Milwaukee, WI @ Auditorium
Hans Schmidt beat Sheik of Araby

9/28/55 Fond Du Lac, WI @ Fairgrounds Cow Palace
Verne Gagne won 2/3 falls from The Sheik of Araby

1/11/56 Madison, WI @ Dane County Fairgrounds Arena
Dick the Bruiser won the first and third falls over The Sheik of Araby

1/25/56 Rockford, IL
Verne Gagne beat The Sheik of Araby 2/3

3/7/56 Madison, WI
Angelo Poffo beat The Sheik of Araby 2/3

3/15/56 Beloit, WI @ Armory
US TV Champion Verne Gagne beat The Sheik of Araby 2-0

4/14/56 Milwaukee, WI @ Auditorium
Angelo Poffo beat Sheik of Araby

6/16/56 Milwaukee, WI @ Auditorium
US TV Champion Wilbur Snyder beat Sheik of Araby

8/25/56 Milwaukee, WI @ Auditorium
Bill Melby beat Sheik of Araby

2/21/57 Milwaukee, WI @ South Side Armory
Hans Hermann beat Sheik of Araby

4/27/57 Milwaukee, WI @ Auditorium
Dick The Bruiser beat Sheik of Araby

6/22/57 Milwaukee, WI @ Arena
Verne Gagne beat Sheik of Araby

8/8/57 Milwaukee, WI @ South Side Armory
Larry Chene beat Sheik of Araby 2/3 to win Midwest Title

That's just a sampling.

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65/02/11 T.O. Whipper Billy Watson W The Sheik 11:06
didn't lose too often up here untill at least the early-mid 80's ,  a few times on the smaller circuit 80-81 he would get pinned occasionally - and then to celebrate he would stick a pencil in everyones eye :D

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Didn't Pampero Firpo beat the Sheik clean in a cage match in Toronto or some other candian city to "win" the US title in the early 70s?

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Sheik was unbeaten in Toronto from 69-74 , Gary has them all listed at
100-0-27. That's 127 singles matches without a loss"

in 76-77 he would trade the belt with Firpo & Brazil , believe they were pins will have to check that

many of his bouts were short affairs , he would spend 10 minutes coming to the ring and then do his prayer thing before attaking his opponent, sometimes before they hit the ring and it would all be over in 5 minutes or less

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