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Re: Las Cruces Sun News

03-11-55 @ National Guard Armory - Promoter and announcer Sam Menacher. Dirty Don Evans & Tom Renesto vs Dave Sims & Leo Numa; Hombre Montana vs Lou Plummer; Jack Claybourne vs Jack Allen

03-18-55 @ National Guard Armory. Hombre Montana vs The Golden Terror; Dirty Dan Evans & Tom Renesto vs Dave Sims and Leo Numa; Larry Kassboski vs Jack Claybourne

04-21-55 @ National Guard Armor. Lu Kim vs Golden Terror; (women) Mary Jane Mull vs Ethel Brown; Dave Sims vs Jack Terry

07-15-55 @ Las Cruces Armory - Presented by Count Pietro Rossi. The Great Gama defeated Whittie Smith (? spelling); Elmer Crockett defeated Torina Jackson; Frank Salas defeated Raymond Garcia

07-22-55 @ National Guary Armory - Presented by Count Pietro Rossi. Frank Salas vs Boy Gypsy 2/3 2 hr; Great Gama & Torina Jackson vs Whitey Smith & Ray Garcia 2/3 2 hr; Elmer Crockett vs Chino Juloma; Eddie Morales vs Jimmy Perry

07-29-55 @ The Armory - Promotor Count Pietro Rossi. (6 man tag) Frank Salas, Whitey Smith & Ray Garcia vs Great Gama, Chino Jaloma & Torina Jackson 2/3 no time limit; Eddie Morales vs Jim Perry 2/3 60 min; plus two other great matches

08-11-55 @ Las Cruces Armory - Promotor Count Pietro Rossi. Leon Kirilienko vs Champ Thomas; (women) Marlene Gibson vs Kay Starr; Eddie Morales vs Eddie Calderon; Jim Perry vs Boy Gypsy

09-08-55 @ Las Cruces Armory. Leon Kirilienko vs Chief Kit Fox 2/3 2 hr; Frank Salas vs "Masked Terror" Frank Jarres 2/3 2 hr; Francis D'Artagnan vs Tony Barbetta

09-15-55 @ Las Cruces Armory. Leon Kirlienko vs Henry Pelusso 2/3 2 hr; Tony Barbetta vs Frank Salas 2/3 60 min; Ed Bonada vs The Masked Terror

09-22-55 @ Las Cruces Armory. Leon Kirilienko & Tony Barbetta vs Henry Pelusso & Frank Salas 2/3 2 hr; Market (Masked?) Terror vs Maurice La Chappella 2/3 2 hr; plus one more great match

11-02-55 @ Las Cruces Armory. Hans Schnabel & Bulldog Plechas vs Miguel Lopez and Juan Humberto; Jim Wright vs Roberto Pico; Ricky Waldo vs Doc Sherman

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