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The reason I'm asking is because I thought Orndorff was managed by Roddy Piper during this time but on TNT Orndorff fired Heenen around Apr 1985(this was on the coliseum video Embarrassing Moments).Does anyone know if Heenen was ever associated with Orndorff or Piper around this time?


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Orndorff was with Piper for about the first 3 weeks Piper was in.  Say thru 1/84.  Then he was with Heenan till the firing.



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Here's a general overview and some dates;

Orndorff debuted on WWF Tv in 11/83.

Piper debuted (along with Shults & Hogan at the same taping) on Tv aired 1/7/84. The next week Piper accompanied Orndorff to the ring. The Orndorff-Piper-Shults trio was associated with each other through the bulk of '84.

Bobby Heenan debuted approx. 10/84, and became Orndorff's manager around mid Nov.

Orndorff was back associated with Piper for the WM1 push, while Heenan was involved with Studd & Patera vs. Andre.

Orndorff fired Heenan late Apr. '85 on TNT, and on the SNME aired 5/11/85, was attacked by Ace Orton & Piper during a "Live Piper's Pit". Later during that show, in the Hogan vs. Orton match, Piper attacked Hogan, and Orndorff with Mr.T came in for the save.

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"Piper's Primetime" was never really pushed afte rit was established.  It was sort of the NWO thing, but it fizzled quickly, way too quickly in my book.  I think if they would have kept that stable intact and pushed it correctly, they could have even made bigger matches. 

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