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02-03-55 Ada, OK @ VFW Hall. Battle Royal: Ozark Ike, Bill Ferris, Dutch Allen, Gillie Gillie and Billie Arnold; last four men square off in individual matches.

04-05-56 Lawton, OK @ Municipal Park Armory. Edmund Francis vs Sugi Site 2/3 no time limit; Elephant Boy vs Argentina Zuma.

04-24-56 Vinita, OK @ Vinita National Guard Armory. Elephant Boy vs The Great Bolo 2/3 to a finish; Argentina Zuma vs Ali Bey 2/3 to a finish.

07-27-56 Lawton, OK @ Muncipal Park Armory. Wild Bill Ferris vs The Clous (masked); also on the card - Black Angel and Cowboy Jay Summers; plus Australian tag team match.

08-02-56 Miami, OK @ Miami Fairgrounds Grandstand, Ken Gladhill promotor. Wild Red Berry & Danno O'Shocker vs Elephant Boy and Rocco Perez 2/3 to a finish; Wild Red Berry vs Rocco Perez 1 fall 20 min; Danno O'Shocker vs Elephant Boy. Note: Promotor Ken Gladhill is a Miami fireman who also wrestles under the name Ken Hill.

08-16-56 Miami, OK @ Miami Fairgound Grandstand. The Great Bolo vs Billy Rayburn 2/3 to finish; Danno O'Shocker vs Ronnie McKay.

09-11-56 Miami, OK @ Miami Civic Center - Ken Gradhill promotor. Elephant Boy vs Wild Red Berry; (women) Penny Banner vs Betty Hawkins

09-25-56 @ Miami, OK @ Miami Civic Center - Ken Gladhill promotor. (mixed tag) Tony Borne & Barbara Baker vs Hillbilly Larsen & Millie Stafford 2/3; Tony Borne vs Elmer Larsen 1 fall 30 min; (women) Millie Stafford vs Barbara Baker 1 fall 30 min.

11-01-56 Miami, OK @ Miami Civic Center. Tony Borne vs Billy Raborn 2/3 to a finish; (women) Gloria Barratini vs Mae Young

02-26-58 Miami, OK @ Miami Civic Center. Al Kashey & Bob Clay vs The Great Mephisto & Robert Pico 2/3 to a finish; Al Kashey vs The Great Mephisto 1 fall 20 min; Bob Clay vs Robert Pico 1 fall 20 min.

03-26-59 Stilwell, OK @ Stilwell High School Gym. Carlos Rodriguez & Lou Spindola vs Tito Carreon & Joe Costello 2/3 to a finish; plus two one- fall 20 minute matches.

07-16-59 Ada, OK @ Fairgrounds Baseball Park. Karol Krauser & Carlos Rodrigues vs Cowboy Bob Clay & Red Donovan; plus two one fall warm-up bouts.

07-20-59 Duncan, OK @ Halliburton Stadium. Red Donovan vs Luigi Columbo; (mixed tag) Cathy Starr & Tiny Rowe vs Kay Noble & Cowboy Bradley; (women) Kay Noble vs Cathy Starr; (midgets) Tiny Rowvs Cowboy Bradley.

08-05-59 Ada, OK @ Oak Hills (five miles East of Ada). (mixed tag) Great Bolo & Tiny Roe vs Red McKim & Cowboy Bradley 2/3 to a finish; Great Bolo vs Red McKim; (midgets) Tiny Roe vs Cowboy Bradley.

04-20-61 Eufaula, OK @ National Guard Armory. (mixed tag) Oni Wiki Wiki & Jessica Rogers vs Dandy Jack Donovan & Dot Dotson 2/3 to a finish; (women) Jessica Rogers vs Dot Dotson 1 fall 20 min; Oni Wiki Wiki vs Dandy Jack Donovan 1 fall 20 min.

05-19-60 Stilwell, OK @ Stilwell High School Gym. (mixed tag) Luis Martinez & Jessica Rogers vs Terrible Ted Christy & Kathy Starr; plus two other bouts.

05-23-61 Stilwell, OK @ Stilwell High School Gym. Five man battle royal - Big Tiny Smith, Great Bolo, Nelson Royal, Jody Hamilton and Champion Danny Hodge.

05-26-61 Eufaula, OK @ National Guard Armory. (mixed tag) Great Bolo & Pee Wee Lopez vs Red McKim & French Semard 2/3 to a finish; (midgets) Pee Wee Lopez vs French Semard 1 fall 20 min; Great Bolo vs Red McKim 1 fall 20 min.

06-10-61 Lawton, OK @ L O Ranch Rodeo Arena. Danny Hodge vs Bolo Junior 2/3 to a finish; (women) Judy Grable & Dorothy Carter vs Fran Gravette & Jane Perez 2/3.

07-10-61 Stilwell, OK @ National Guard Armory. (mixed tag) The Baby Blimp & Rita Cortez vs Jack Curtis & Nicki Page; plus two other bouts.

07-16-61 Craterville Amusement Park (16 miles North of Altus, OK). First afternoon show: Tough Tony Borne vs Jerry Miller 45 min; Leo "The Lion" Newman vs Alex Perez 45 min. Second afternoon show: Tough Tony Borne vs Alex Perez 45 min; Leo "The Lion" Newman vs Jerry Miller 45 min. Sunday Night show: Tough Tony Borne & Leo "The Lion" Newman vs Alex Perez & Jerry Miller

08-12-61 Ada, OK @ Fairgrounds Grandstand. Danny Hodge & Oni Wiki Wiki vs The Great Bolo & Hassen Bey 2/3 to a finish; Danny Hodge vs The Great Bolo 1 fall; Oni Wiki Wiki vs Hassen Bey 1 fall.

03-16-62 Lawton, OK @ Saint Mary's High School. Joe Tomasso vs Red McKim 2/3 to a finish; (mixed tag) Great Matsuda & Tiny Roe vs Jesse James & Cowboy Bradley; Great Matsuda vs Jesse James.

03-29-62 Konawa, OK - Sponsored by Konawa Lions Club. Appearing: Danny Hodge, Tiny Smith, Ripper Leone and Joe McCarthy.

05-04-62 Lawton, OK @ St. Mary's Gym. Danny Hodge & Jack Humberto vs Erick Rommel & Pepe Gonzales 2/3 to a finish.

05-26-62 Stilwell, OK @ National Guard Armory. (mixed tag) Joe McCarthy & Madam X vs Red McKim & Gloria Barattini; plus two other bouts.

06-08-62 Ada, OK @ Fairground Stadium. Louie Tillet (The Strutting Blonde from France) & Red Devil vs Oni Wiki Wiki & Red McKim; plus two other bouts.

04-13-63 Stilwell, OK @ Stilwell High School Gym. (mixed tag) The Great Bolo & Jessica Rogers vs Mike Clancy & Judy Glover 2/3 falls; The Great Bolo vs Mike Clancy, 1 fall 20 min; (women) Jessica Rogers vs Judy Glover, 1 fall 20 min.

04-21-65 Lawton, OK @ National Guard Armory. Joe McCarthy vs Tony Manos 2/3 to a finish; Mongol Lu Kim vs Red McKim 2/3 1 hr; Mac Starr vs Alvero Velasco.

05-06-65 Lawton, OK @ National Guard Armory. (mixed tag) Dandy Jack & Mrs. (Verne) Donovan vs Bobby Shane & Fabulous Moolah; Willie Garrett vs Ted Naifeh; plus one other match

06-03-65 Lawton, OK @ National Guard Armory. Bobby Shane vbs Ted Nalfeh 2/3 to a finish; Kit Fox vs Cowboy Tom Bradley 2/3 45 min; Jack Brisco vs Mark Starr 1 fall.

06-10-65 Lawton, OK @ National Guard Armory. Bobby Shane & Kit Fox vs Treacherous Phillips & Cowboy Tom Bradley; Hillbilly Willie Garrett vs Dandy Jack Donovan 2/3 1 hr.

07-01-65 Lawton, OK @ National Guard Armory. Kit Fox & Don Soto vs Gene Dundee & Cowboy Tom Bradley; Jack Brisco vs Dandy Jack Donovan 2/3 45 min; plus two other bouts.

05-29-66 Ada, OK @ American Legion Baseball Stadium (Sunday afternoon card). Tiny Smith & Dan Hodge vs Krusher Kowalski & Don Kent; (women) Betty Boucher vs Princess Little Cloud.

07-22-66 Eufaula, OK @ Max Nelson Arena. Battleship Johnson & Irish Mike Clancy vs Tor Kamata & Bulldog Kent; (women) Jessica Rogers vs Ann Casey; plus one other bout.

04-02-67 Duncan, OK @ Fairgrounds. Danny Hodge vs Scandar Akbar; Jack Brisco vs Krusher Karleson; Ronnie Etchison vs Timmy Geohagan.

07-21-73 Lawton, OK - originally scheduled for McMahon Auditorium but moved to L O Rodeo Arena. Danny Hodge & Ken Mantel vs Bruiser Bob Sweetan & Jerry Miller; Tarzan Baxter vs Dennis Stamp; plus one other bout.

03-27-74 StilWell, OK @ National Guard Armory. Bruiser Bob Sweetan & Seigfred Stanke vs Luke Brown & Tony Russo; Chief Whitehead vs Buck Robley; Tony Russo vs Seigfred Stanke; plus exhibition matches between Stilwell junior and senior high school wrestlers proceeded the pro matches.

06-06-75 Eufaula, OK @ Armory. Danny Hodge vs Buck Robley 2/3 1 hr; Ronnie Garvin vs Jay Clayton 2/3 45 min; Tony Russo vs Ted Heath 1 fall 20 min.

10-24-76 Lawton, OK @ Great Plains Coliseum. Cowboy Bill Watts vs Ken Patera (North America Heavyweight Title); Dick Murdock vs Scandar Akbar; Nelson Royal vs Killer Karl Kox; Abe Jacobs vs Chei-Sun.


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