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Papa Voo

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I have a VHS tape from the 80's with some stuff that I really need on it, home videos.  The actual tape tore apart.  The way that I used to fix it was the same way that was used to repair the old audio cassettes, quick mend job with some scotch tape.  I have heard numerous times how this is REALLY bad to do with video cassesttes, especially when copying to DVD is going to be attempted.  This is really hard on the reading heads of the video machine.

Does anybody have any other suggestions or processes that they use?



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Have you tried your local camera place? Click camera (local for me) dubs from VHS onto DVD, and they can often repair tapes. I don't know how much it costs but if you don't want to go the scotch tape route, this might be your best bet



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If you do it just for a one time transfer, to get the stuff onto a DVD, you should be ok.  Certainly, the machine will not like that "spot" and I wouldn't play the tape over and over again if I could help it. If you actually want to keep the original tape, you should go to a place like the one suggested in the previous post.

I sill have a tape somewhere I did the "old timey scotch tape splice repair" 25 years ago. :shock:

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