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I assume someone somewhere tried this. May have gotten murdered by the bowl games but I assume someone at least tried it.

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59/01/01 TORONTO MLG
Gene Kiniski/Fritz Von Erich W Claude Dassary/Yukon Eric
Roger Littlebrook/Tiny Tim D Fuzzy Cupid/Irish Jackie
Pietro Roncadin W/DQ Terrible Ted the Bear
Ivan Kalmikoff W Bernard Vignal
Bobo Brazil W Fred Atkins

67/01/01 TORONTO MLG
NWA Title: Gene Kiniski WDQ Johnny Valentine
Edouard Carpentier W Joe Killer Christie
Midgets: Little Beaver/Sonny Boy Cassidy W Fuzzy Cupid/Irish Jackie (2-0)
Terrible Ted (bear) W Gene Dubois 
Sweet Daddy Siki D Fred Atkins
Rocky Johnson D Johnny Kostas

New Years Eve

59/12/31 TORONTO MLG
Ilio DiPaolo/Whipper Watson W Don Leo Jonathan/Gene Kiniski -  to win the Canadian Open Tag Team Title
Dandy Andy/Little Beaver W Sky Low Low/Tom Thumb
Ivan Kalmikoff D Sam Steamboat
Pat Flanagan DCOR Timothy Geohagen
Cowboy Hughes D Don Jardine

64/12/31 TORONTO MLG
Whipper Billy Watson/Lord Athol Layton W Professor Hiro/Fred Atkins
Bulldog Brower W Sweet Daddy Siki
Midgets: Cowboy Bradley/Tiny Tim W Billy the Kid/Farmer Pete
Terrible Ted (bear) WCOR Skunk Man
Hans Schmidt D Billy Red Lyons
Michele Barone W Duke Noble
Johnny Powers W Paul DeMarco

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12/31/77 Milwaukee, WI @ Auditorium
Tuxedo match
The Crusher beat Lord Alfred Hayes
AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Greg Gagne
Billy Robinson & Larry Hennig beat Super Destroyer & Angelo Mosca dq to earn a tag title shot on the next card
Rufus R Jones beat Bobby Duncum
Evan Johnson beat Buck Zumhofe
Att: 4,455

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12/31/58 St. Petersburg, FL @ New Armory
Don Eagle beat Jack Vansky 2-0
John Wolfman Smith beat Rocky Columbo 2/3
Eddie Graham beat Chris Belkas via pin in 18:00 after a series of knee drops

12/31/63 Tampa, FL
World Tag Team Champions Don Curtis & Mark Lewin beat Great Malenko & Bob Orton by referee's decision
Duke Keomuka beat Lou Bastien
Charley Laye beat Killer Karl Kox dq
Jerry London drew Pedro Godoy

12/31/64 Jacksonville
Texas Death Match
Masked Assassins beat Tony Marino & Abe Jacobs
Dick Steinborn beat Tarzan Tyler
Handicap Match, Sam Steamboat must pin Tim Tyler twice in 20 minutes or forfeit the match
Sam Steamboat beat Tim Tyler
Chief Little Eagle & George Drake & Little Beaver beat Corsica Joe & Corsica Jean & Pee Wee James
Duke Keomuka beat Pedro Godoy (sub Lou Klein)

12/31/69 Eau Gallie, FL @ Civic Center
Mephisto & Dante vs Sam Steamboat & Danny Miller
Frank Lane vs Hiro Matsuda
Buddy Colt vs Bobo Johnson
Dr. Blood vs George Grant

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1/1/65 St Petersburg, FL @ National Guard Armory
The Assassins beat Abe Jacobs & Tony Marino
Dick Steinborn beat Southern Champion Bob Orton dq
Duke Keomuka drew Chief Little Eagle
Little Beaver beat Pee Wee James

1/1/68 Orlando
Johnny Valentine beat Sam Steamboat & Dick Steinborn dq
Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich beat Buddy Fuller & Lester Welch
Duke Keomuka beat Don Serrano
Bronco Kelly drew Chin Lee

1/1/69 Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco & Nick Kozak & Jose Lothario & Wahoo McDaniel beat The Medics & Hans Mortier & Louie Tillet
The Gladiator beat Great Malenko
Duke Keomuka beat Rene Goulet
Dory Funk Jr beat Tarzan Tyler
Bobby Hart beat Tom Bradley
Mac McFarland drew Koa Tiki

I'll add more later.

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anuary 1st
On this day in history in ....

1927 - Ira Dern defeats Clarence Eklund for Ohio's World Light Heavyweight Title in Columbus, Ohio, ending Eklund's second reign.

1931 - Joe Banaski defeats Nick Bozinis in Columbus, Ohio to become the first Midwest Wrestling Association World Light Heavyweight Champion.

1936 - The Great Mephisto defeats Walter Roxey to win the MWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Detroit, Michigan.

1940 - Pete Belcastro defeats Ernie Piluso for the Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight Title in Eugene, Oregon.

1943 - Billy Thom defeats Martino Angelo for the MWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in Columbus, Ohio. This began Thom's second reign and ended Angelo's second.

1946 - Larry Tillman defeats Marshall Estep to win the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.

1949 - Dizzy Davis defeats Antonino Rocca for the Texas Heavyweight Title in Waco, Texas. This began Davis' second reign and ended Rocca's second.

1949 - Johnny Demchuk defeats Tommy Martindale for the MWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in Columbus, Ohio. This began Thom's second reign and ended Angelo's second.

1950 - Jack O'Reilly defeats Buck Weaver to win the Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight Title in Portland, Oregon, beginning his second reign.

1954 - El Santo defeats Sugi Sito for the NWA World Middleweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico, to end Sito's second reign.

1959 - Billy Wicks defeats Lee Fields to win the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title in Mobile, Alabama, beginning his third reign.

1961 - Rocket and Sputnik Monroe defeat Duke Keomuka and Mad Dog Vachon to win the NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Fort Worth, Texas.

1962 - Larry Chene defeats Jim Bernard for the Wolverine Wrestling Michigan Heavyweight Title in Saginaw, Michigan.

1963 - Ivan and Karol Kalmikoff defeat Mr. High (Doug Gilbert) and Mr. Low (Dick Steinborn) for the AWA World Tag Team Title in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1963 - Art and Stan Neilson win the American Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Title for the fourth time by defeating Karl and Kurt Von Brauner.

1970 - Dick Murdoch defeats The Lawman (Don Slatton) for the Amarillo NWA Brass Knuckles Title in Amarillo, Texas, ending Lawman's second reign.

1970 - Stan Pulaski defeats Tarzan Tyler in Omaha, Nebraska for the AWA Midwest Heavyweight Title, to begin his second reign.

1970 - Bulldog Brower defeats Johnny Powers to win the NWF North American Heavyweight Title in Cleveland, Ohio.

1971 - Bob Geigel wins his fifth NWA Central States Heavyweight Title, ending Roger Kirby's second reign in St. Joseph, Missouri.

1975 - Rocket Monroe and Randy Tyler defeat Jackie Fargo and George Gulas to win the NWA Mid-America Tag Team Title in Nashville, Tennessee. This ended Fargo and Gulas' second reign.

1978 - Blackjack Mulligan defeats Ricky Steamboat in Greensboro, North Carolina to win his fourth NWA United States Heavyweight Title.

1979 - Jack and Jerry Brisco defeat Dory Funk, Jr. and Terry Funk for the NWA Georgia Tag Team Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1980 - Ricky and Robert Gibson win their second AWA Southern Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee, by ending The Assassins' second reign.

1982 - Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) defeats The Dynamite Kid in Tokyo, Japan for the vacant WWF Junior Heavyweight Title. Tatsumi Fujinami had vacated the title in December when he moved up to the heavyweight division.

1982 - The St. Louis Wrestling Club held the "Sam Muchnick Retirement Show" before 19,821 at The Checkerdome in St. Louis, Missouri. The results:
- NWA Central States Tag Team Champion Bob Brown and Jerry Brown fought to a draw.
- NWA World Women's Tag Team Champions Joyce Grable and Wendi Richter defeated Early Dawn and Sandy Partlow to retain the title.
- Pat O'Connor defeated Bob Sweetan.
- Jerry Blackwell defeated Ox Baker and Bruce Reed in a Handicap match.
- Rufus R. Jones and David Von Erich fought Harley Race and Greg Valentine to a double-disqualification.
- Dick the Bruiser defeated NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion Ken Patera to win the title, beginning the Bruiser's third reign and ending Patera's second.
- NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes in a Best-of-Three Falls match, 2-1, to retain the title.

1983 - Southwest Championship Wrestling held a one-night 16-man tournament for the SCW Southwest Heavyweight Title. Dick Slater had left the promotion in December, leaving the title vacant. The results were:
First round:
- Tully Blanchard defeated Ken Lucas.
- Jerry Lawler defeated SCW Southwest Tag Team Champion Grappler #1.
- Scott Casey defeated Bobby Jaggers.
- Mike Graham defeated SCW Southwest Tag Team Champion Grappler #2.
- Adrian Adonis defeated Steve O.
- Ricky Morton defeated The Ninja Warrior.
- Tonga John defeated Baron Von Raschke.
- Bob Sweetan defeated Gino Hernandez.
- Tully Blanchard defeated Jerry Lawler.
- Mike Graham defeated Scott Casey.
- Adrian Adonis defeated Ricky Morton.
- Bob Sweetan defeated Tonga John.
- Tully Blanchard defeated Mike Graham.
- Bob Sweetan defeated Adrian Adonis.
- Tully Blanchard defeated Bob Sweetan to win the vacant SCW Southwest Heavyweight Title. This began Blanchard's seventh reign.

1983 - The Assassin and Rip Oliver defeat Billy Jack (Haynes) and Stan Stasiak for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title in Portland, Oregon. This began their second reign.

1983 - Norman Frederick Charles wins a tournament for the vacant Southeast NWA United States Junior Heavyweight Title.

1984 - Negro Casas defeats Black Terry to win the UWA World Lightweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1985 - Jay and Mark Youngblood defeat Krusher Khrushchev and Jim Neidhart to win the Florida NWA United States Tag Team Title in Tampa, Florida.

1986 - Dick Slater defeats Butch Reed for the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Title in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ending Reed's second reign. At the same event, Jake Roberts won the Mid-South Television Title, defeating Dick Slater in the finals of a month-long tournament. Roberts had defeated Eddie Gilbert, Buzz Sawyer and one other man to reach the finals. Slater had beaten Al Perez, Steve Williams and Jim Duggan.

1988 - Masahiro Chono defeats Mike George in Des Moines, Iowa to become the last NWA Central States Television Champion. The promotion closed later in the year.

1989 - Juicio defeats El Corallilo to win the Mexican National Featherweight Title in San Lorenzo, Mexico.

1991 - Los Villanos (I, IV and V) defeats Los Brazos (El Brazo, Brazo de Oro and Brazo de Plata) for the UWA World Trios Title in Puebla, Mexico. This began and ended both teams' third reigns.

1993 - El Signo defeats Villano III to win the WWF World Light Heavyweight Title in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico, to end his sixth reign.

1994 - Villano V defeats Silver King for the UWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico, beginning his second reign.

1999 - Mr. Showtime defeats Johnny Gunn and Franklin Ray in a three-way match to become the first Warriors of Wrestling Federation (later NWA Mid-South) Junior Heavyweight Champion.

2000 - The Rebellion (Kurt Reigns and Tejas) defeat The Sterling Studs (Trent Atkins and Mike Fox) for the NWA Texas Tag Team Title in North Richland Hills, Texas.

2003 - Naphtali, the reigning NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight Champion, is awarded the title as the first NWA Florida X Division Champion, and the prior title is vacated.

2005 - Místico wins the NWA World Middleweight Title from Averno in Mexico City, Mexico.

2005 - The New York Connection (Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger) defeat John Bogie and Elix Skipper to win the GCW Tag Team Title in Columbus, Georgia.

2005 - Todd Sexton ends Jeremy V's second NWA Wildside Television Title reign in Cornelia, Georgia.

2005 - J.T. Hogg defeats The Juggulator in Parkersburg, West Virginia for the NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Title.

2006 - Hator defeats El Zorro to win the UWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Monterrey, Mexico, ending Zorro's fourth reign.

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Wednesday, January 1, 1947 – Arena – Lubbock, TX
1) Polo Cordova and Bobby Burns won a 6-man Battle Royal (other participants: Johnny Carlin, Wayne Martin, Ace Abbott, Al Getz)
2) Ace Abbott defeated Al Getz (referee: Pat McKee)
3) Polo Cordova defeated Bobby Burns in two straight falls to win the Battle Royal
Pat McKee was a Hollywood actor, who had wrestled between 1920 and 1923.

Wednesday, December 31, 1947 – Arena – Lubbock, TX
1) Johnny Carlin defeated Olan Boynton
2) Rod Fenton defeated Gordon Hessel via CO in three falls (referee: Bill McEuin)
3) Jack Kiser defeated Al Getz in three falls

Thursday, January 1, 1948 – Fairgrounds Arena – Amarillo, TX
1) Gordon Hessel and George Strickland won a 6-man Battle Royal (order of elimination: Cyclone Burns, Rod Fenton, Al Getz, Jack Kiser)
2) Al Getz fought Jack Kiser to a draw in three falls (45:00)
3) Gordon Hessel defeated George Strickland in three falls to win the Battle Royal

Thursday, January 1, 1948 – Sportatorium – Pampa, TX
1) George Lopez fought Pat O’Dowdy to a draw (15:00)
2) Johnny Carlin fought Olan Boynton to a draw (15:00)
3) George Lopez & Johnny Carlin defeated Pat O’Dowdy & Olan Boynton in three falls (referee: Mickey Barnes)

Friday, December 31, 1948 - Sportatorium - Pampa, TX
1) Dory Detton defeated Monty LaDue via DQ in two straight falls
2) Dory Funk defeated Eddie Gideon in three falls

Monday, January 1, 1951 – Fair Park Arena – Abilene, TX
1) Polo Cordova defeated Bob DeMarce (sub. Bob Cummings) in three falls
2) Frankie Murdoch & Bill Sledge defeated Pat O’Dowdy & Jack O’Reilly via DQ in three falls

Monday, December 31, 1951 – Fair Park Arena – Abilene, TX
1) George Overhuls defeated Gust Johnson (sub. Rex Mobley)
2) Whitey Walberg & Salvador Flores defeated Pat O’Dowdy & Rex Mobley (sub. Ray Clements) in three falls (referee: Gust Johnson)

Wednesday, December 31, 1952 – Jamboree Hall – Lubbock, TX
1) Carlos Moreno defeated Ace Abbott in two straight falls
2) Buck Lipscomb & Herb Parks defeated Famer Jones & Frankie Hill Murdoch in three falls (referee: Gust Johnson)

Monday, January 1, 1968 – Fair Park Auditorium – Abilene, TX
1) Dory Funk, Jr. & Terry Funk vs. Alex Perez & The Duke
2) Texas Death Match: The Lawman vs. Dick Murdoch

Wednesday, January 1, 1969 – Fair Park Coliseum – Lubbock, TX
1) Guillotine Gordon defeated Gypsy Joe
2) Chief Little Eagle defeated Alex Perez
3) Terry Funk & Jerry Kozak fought Mr. Ito & Chati Yokouchi to a double-CO
4) Ricky Romero defeated Killer Karl Kox
Killer Karl Kox was given an indefinite suspension for throwing chairs when outside the ring.

Thursday, January 1, 1970 – Sports Arena – Amarillo, TX – “1970 Parade of Champions”
1) Jos LeDuc & Paul DeDuc defeated Alex Perez & Chief Little Eagle (6:32)
2) Dick Murdoch defeated The Lawman to win the Texas Brass Knuckles Trophy (7:31)
3) Western States Tag Team Champions Terry Funk & Ricky Romero defeated Dusty Rhodes & Gorgeous George, Jr. (11:38)
4) Western States Heavyweight Champion The Beast defeated Killer Karl Kox via DQ (11:03)
5) World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Rufus R. Jones (60:00)
i) Funk pinned Jones (49:13)
ii) The time limit expired

Friday, January 1, 1971 – Sports Arena – Amarillo, TX
1) Gorgeous George, Jr. vs. Seiji Sakaguchi
2) Terry Funk & Bobby Duncum vs. The Gladiator & Mr. Wrestling
3) Buck Robley vs. Nick Kozak
4) Brass Knuckles Match: Bull Ramos vs. Killer Karl Kox

Wednesday, January 1, 1975 – Fair Park Coliseum – Lubbock, TX
1) Gorgeous George, Jr. defeated Mitsuo Momota
2) Akio Sato defeated Mr. Wrestling
3) Lou Thesz defeated Motoji Okuma
4) Ricky Romero & Nick Kozak defeated Karl Von Steiger & Goliath
5) Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Blackjack Mulligan via DQ

Thursday, January 1, 1976 – Sports Arena – Amarillo, TX
1) The Beast & Leo Burke defeated Lord Al Hayes & The Lawman
2) Dory Funk, Jr. fought Randy Tyler to a draw (30:00)
3) International Heavyweight Champion The Super Destroyer vs. Scott Casey

Saturday, January 1, 1977 – Sports Arena – Amarillo, TX
1) Larry Lane fought Tenryu to a draw
2) Tank Patton defeated Nick Kozak
3) Lord Al Hayes defeated Scott Casey
4) Ricky Romero defeated Alex Perez
5) Dennis Stamp defeated Sakaruda
6) Johnny Weaver & Ted DiBiase & Pez Whatley defeated Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson & The Super Destroyer

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1/1/62 Charlotte, NC @ Park Center
Rip Hawk & The Angel vs George Becker & Abe Jacobs 2/3 60:00
Pancho Villa vs Don McClarty 30:00
Len Montana vs Chris Averoff
Pee Wee Lopez & Firpo Zbyszko vs Frenchy Semard & Henry Phillips

1/1/63 Columbia, SC @ Township Auditorium
Ike Eakins & Pancho Villa beat The Kentuckians Big Boy Brown & Tiny Anderson
Mrs Pancho Villa vs Fran Gravette
Tinker Todd vs Whitey Whittler

1/1/64 Asheville, NC @ City Auditorium
Rip Hawk vs Bob Ellis 2/3 60:00
Marcel Semard & Bernard Semard vs Chico Santana & Pee Wee Lopez 60:00
Jack Lanza vs El Gaucho 45:00
Promoter: Paul C. Winkhaus

12/31/64 Charleston, SC @ County Hall
Lord Littlebrook & Little Hawk vs Pee Wee Lopez & Chico Santana
The Kentuckians Big Boy Brown & Tiny Anderson vs Mike Gallagher & Lee Henning
Frank Valois vs Rudy Kay

1/1/65 Richmond, VA @ State Fairgrounds
Indian Strap Match
Chief Big Heart beat Swede Hanson in 33:00
George Becker beat Rip Hawk
Pepe Gomez & Nick Kozak beat George Two Ton Harris & Frank Hickey 2/3
Angelo Martinelli beat Frank Valois via pin

1/1/65 Roanoke, VA @ National Guard Armory
Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich beat Doug Gilbert & Rudy Kay
Sandy Scott beat The Beast
Lord Littlebrook beat Chico Santana

12/31/65 Lynchburg, VA @ City Armory
Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal vs Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
George Two Ton Harris vs Bob Boyer
Rudy Kay vs Pedro Zapata
Omar Atlas vs Tony Nero

1/1/66 Roanoke, VA
Abe Jacobs beat Ike Eakins
Darling Dagmar & Linda Christian beat Diamond Lil & Barbara Galento
Suni War Cloud beat George Two Ton Harris dq
Omar Atlas beat Corsica Jean
Angelo Martinelli beat Jack Vansky

1/1/66 Spartanburg, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal beat Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich on a 3rd fall dq
Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson beat Rudy Kay & Bob Boyer 2-0
John Gudiski beat Sonny Fargo
Tony Nero beat Jack Vansky via pin

12/31/66 Lexington, NC @ YMCA Gym
Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich & Homer O’Dell beat George Becker (sub Klondike Bill) & Ike Eakins & Bobby Shane when Lubich pinned Shane in the 3rd fall
Jesse James beat Pedro Zapata via pin in 16:00 after a series of drop kicks
Pedro Godoy beat Big Boy Blondell via pin in 12:00 after a back drop
El Gaucho beat Tinker Todd with a Boston Crab in 13:00

1/1/68 Charlotte, NC @ Park Center
Gene Anderson & Lars Anderson beat Abe Jacobs & Luther Lindsay 2/3
1. Andersons won 1st fall
2. Lindsay & Jacobs won 2nd fall
3. Andersons won 3rd fall
Rudy Kay & Les Thatcher beat The Matador & Pancho Valdez 2/3
Missouri Mauler beat Chuck Conley
Hiro Matsuda beat Jesse James

1/1/68 Danville, VA @ City Armory
Referee Jack Terry
Haystack Calhoun & Amazing Zuma beat One of the Infernos & JC Dykes (sub the other Inferno) on a reverse decision 3rd fall dq
Toni Rose beat Barbara Nichols via pin in 13:25
Bob Nandor & Alex Medina beat The Mummy & Lee Henning 2/3
Angelo Martinelli beat Tiny Mills via pin in 15:15

1/1/68 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Lumberjack Match
George Scott & Sandy Scott beat Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
George Becker beat PY Chung
Bobby Red Cloud & Chief Little Eagle beat Johnny Heidman & Frank Marconi
Roger Kirby drew Jim Grabmire

12/31/68 Columbia, SC @ Township Auditorium
Art Thomas & Abe Jacobs vs Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson
Lee Henning & El Gaucho vs Silento Rodriguez & Greg Peterson
Mighty Atom vs Cowboy Lang
Rock Hunter vs Angelo Martinelli

1/1/69 Danville, VA @ Armory
Art Thomas & Abe Jacobs vs Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
Little Bruiser vs Cowboy Lang
Paul Jones & Nelson Royal vs Missouri Mauler & Hiro Matsuda
Plus one more match

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1/1/70 Greensboro, NC @ Coliseum
Battle Of The Bullies
Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson vs Brute Bernard & Skull Murphy 2/3
George Becker & Joe Scarpa or Beautiful Brutus vs Ronnie Garvin & Terry Garvin 2/3
Missouri Mauler vs Danny Miller
Bobo Johnson vs Little Crusher
Luther Lindsay vs Billy Hines
Rudy Kay vs Joe Turner

1/1/70 Norfolk, VA @ Arena
Sailor Art Thomas won a 12 man Battle Royal for $750
Sailor Art Thomas beat Lee Henning
Art Nelson beat Les Wolff
Kurt Von Stroheim beat Randy Curtis
Bob Griffin drew Phil Robley
Matti Suzuki beat Pedro Valdez
Oni Wiki Wiki beat Tinker Todd

12/31/70 Danville, VA @ City Armory
Abe Jacobs & Argentina Apollo vs Chris Markoff & Bronco Lubich
Bobo Johnson & Billy Colt vs Little Bruiser & Bob Broom
Sandy Parker vs Toni Rose
Matti Suzuki vs George Grant

1/1/71 Charleston, SC @ County Hall
Eastern Champion Missouri Mauler vs Argentina Apollo
Alberto Torres & Tommy Seigler vs Art Nelson & Kurt Stroheim
Little Bruiser vs Bobo Johnson
Pancho Valdez vs Tony Romano
Joe Soto vs George Grant

1/1/71 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
No dq Match
Paul Jones & Nelson Royal beat Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champions Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson 1-0 60:00
1. Jones & Royal won 1st fall
2. The 60 minute time limit expired before either team could score another fall
Jesse James & Matti Suzuki beat El Gaucho & Pedro Godoy
Dr X beat Bob Burns
Johnny Heidman beat Alex Medina

1/1/71 Richmond, VA @ State Fairgrounds
Chris Markoff & Bronko Lubich & George Two Ton Harris vs Sandy Scott & Jerry Brisco & Terry Kay 2/3 60:00
Gene Anderson vs Abe Jacobs
Luther Lindsay vs Bulldog Lee Henning
Sandy Parker vs Toni Rose
Billy Colt vs Bob Broom

1/1/72 Lexington, NC @ YMCA Gym
Paul Jones & Nelson Royal beat Karl Von Steiger & Kurt Von Steiger 2/3
Abe Jacobs & Bob Griffin (sub Luther Lindsay) beat Frank Morrell & Tony Romano
Bob Griffin beat Krusher Karlson via pin with a Victory Roll
Johnny Heidman beat David Finley in 17:00

1/1/72 Roanoke, VA @ Starland Arena
Argentine Bola Match
Argentina Apollo vs Brute Bernard
Bobo Johnson & Cowboy Lang vs Little Bruiser & Tiger Thomas
Bobby Kay & Rudy Kay vs Bill Bowman & Joe Turner
Tinker Todd vs Jesse James

1/1/72 Spartanburg, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
If Nelson beats Hawk, he gets to have a Boxing match against manager Gary Hart
Art Nelson beat Rip Hawk then Gary Hart beat Art Nelson via KO at 1:58 of the 3rd round
Rock Hunter & Matti Suzuki beat Jim Dillon & Les Thatcher
Swede Hanson beat Tommy Seigler
Frank Hester beat Joe Soto
Angelo Martinelli beat Bobby Paul

1/1/73 Charlotte, NC @ Park Center
No dq match
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson beat Bobby Kay & Terry Kay 2/3
1. Andersons won 1st fall
2. Kays won 2nd fall
3. Andersons won 3rd fall
The Alaskans Mike York & Frank Monte drew Randy Curtis & Sandy Scott 20:00
Les Thatcher beat The Menace dq
Nelson Royal beat George Two Ton Harris
Joe Furr beat Jim Grabmire

1/1/73 Fayetteville, NC @ Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium
Art Nelson & Ronnie Garvin beat Royal Kangaroos Lord Jonathan Boyd & Norman Frederick Charles III dq
Cowboy Lang & Farmer Pete beat Little Bruiser & Billy The Kid
The Kentuckian Big Boy Brown beat Charlie Fulton
Tony Romano beat Evil Eye Gordon
Dick Shannon beat Tinker Todd

1/1/73 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Johnny Weaver & Jerry Brisco & Thunderbolt Patterson beat Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson & Homer O’Dell
Freddie Sweetan & Mike Dubois beat Jim Dillon & Klondike Bill
Johnny Ringo beat Billy Hines
Pancho Valdez beat Johnny Heidman
Mike Hall beat Terry Sawyer

1/1/74 Columbia, SC @ Township Auditorium
Bearcat Wright & Bob Bruggers beat Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson
Johnny Valentine beat LD Lewis
Haiti Kid beat Little Bruiser
Nelson Royal & Sandy Scott beat Bill White & Gene Lewis
Frank Monte beat Ed Wiskowski

1/1/74 Raleigh, NC @ Dorton Arena
Super Destroyer vs Johnny Weaver
Brute Bernard & Jay York beat Nick Decarlo & Scott Casey
Art Nelson vs Jim Dalton
Little Louie vs Billy The Kid
Swede Hanson vs Bobby Bold Eagle
Jose Rivera vs Joe Soto

1/1/75 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Paul Jones & Sonny King & Wahoo McDaniel beat Ivan Koloff & Johnny Valentine & Ole Anderson (sub Super Destroyer)
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson beat Sandy Scott & Bob Bruggers
Charlie Cook beat George Two Ton Harris
Frank Monte drew Mike Stallings

1/1/77 Spartanburg, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Wahoo McDaniel & Paul Jones beat Greg Valentine & Blackjack Mulligan
Dino Bravo beat Brute Bernard dq
Red Bastien beat Randy Poffo
Danny Miller drew Tony Russo 20:00
Kim Duk beat Johnny Eagles

1/1/77 Fayetteville, NC @ Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium
US Champion Blackjack Mulligan vs Paul Jones
Brute Bernard & Jacques Goulet vs Red Bastien & Johnny Eagles
Danny Miller vs Bill White
Kim Duk vs Jack Evans

1/1/78 Roanoke, VA @ Civic Center (Afternoon Show)
NWA Tag Team Champions Ric Flair & Greg Valentine beat Wahoo McDaniel & Ricky Steamboat
Mighty Igor beat Mid Atlantic TV Champion Baron Von Raschke dq
Bobo Brazil beat Jerry Blackwell
Johnny Weaver beat Russian Stomper
Roberto Soto beat Bill White
Danny Miller beat Tony Russo

1/1/78 Greensboro, NC @ Coliseum
Blackjack Mulligan beat Ricky Steamboat to win US title
Non Title Indian Strap Match
Wahoo McDaniel beat Mid Atlantic Champion Greg Valentine
Mighty Igor & Mr Wrestling Tim Woods beat Baron Von Raschke & Masked Superstar
Mr X I & Mr X II beat Dino Bravo & Ted Oates
Tiger Conway Jr beat Hartford Love
Abe Jacobs beat Frank Monte
Jim Garvin beat Joe Furr
Swede Hanson beat Herb Gallant
att: 6,339

12/31/78 Asheville, NC @ Civic Center (Afternoon Show)
US Champion Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair
Mid Atlantic Champion Ken Patera vs Paul Orndorff
Greg Valentine vs Jay Youngblood
Skip Young & Johnny Weaver vs Brute Bernard & Mr X I
David Patterson vs Steve Regal
Joe Palardy vs Don Kernodle

12/31/78 Roanoke, VA @ Civic Center (Afternoon Show)
Paul Jones vs Blackjack Mulligan
John Studd vs Tony Atlas
Ted Oates & Jerry Oates vs Swede Hanson & Jacques Goulet
Steve Muslin vs Gary Young
Richard Blood vs Frank Monte
Charlie Fulton vs Herb Gallant

1/1/79 Fayetteville, NC @ Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium
Mid Atlantic Champion Ken Patera drew Tony Atlas 60:00
John Studd beat Blackjack Mulligan
Johnny Weaver beat Swede Hanson
Charlie Fulton & David Patterson beat Richard Blood & Herb Gallant
Don Kernodle beat Steve Muslin

1/1/79 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
NWA Tag Team Champions Jimmy Snuka & Paul Orndorff beat Paul Jones & Greg Valentine dq
Ted Oates & Jerry Oates drew Brute Bernard & Mr X I
Jay Youngblood beat Gene Anderson
Steve Regal beat Frank Monte

1/1/79 Savannah, GA @ Civic Center
US Champion Ricky Steamboat beat Ric Flair in 17:00
Rufus R Jones beat Ivan Koloff
Skip Young & Mr Wrestling beat Jacques Goulet & Len Denton (sub Chris Tolos)
Gary Young beat Joe Furr
Abe Jacobs beat Joe Palardy

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12/31/56 Pampa, TX @ Top Of Texas Sportsmans Club
Bob Geigel vs Great Bolo 2/3 60:00
Roger Mackay vs Mario Llanes 2/3 45:00
Rip Rogers vs Tommy Phelps 20:00
Referee Gory Guerrero

1/1/68 El Paso, TX @ Coliseum
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner beat Thunderbolt Patterson & Dory Funk Jr
Gory Guerrero no contest Billy Garrett
Evelyn Stevens beat Black Widow
Koa Tiki beat Ray Duran

12/31/71 St Joseph, MO @ Auditorium
Fence Match
The Viking & Mongolian Stomper beat Chati Yokouchi & Yasu Fuji
Danny Little Bear & Omar Atlas beat Bob Orton & Benny Ramirez
Betty Niccoli vs Pat Davis
Lord Littlebrook beat Wee Willie Wilson
Ronnie Etchison beat Tor Kamata
Att: 1,574

Hall Of Famer

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12/31/54 Oakland, CA @ Auditorium
Pacific Coast Tag Team Champions Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe drew Enrique Torres & Bobo Brazil when the 60 minute time limit expired in the 3rd fall
Dr Timothy Geohagen beat Gorilla Sepeda
George Scott beat Lou Pitoscia
Johnny Barend drew Gene Dubuque

12/31/55 Fresno, CA @ Ryan’s Auditorium
Handicap Match, Referee Frank Manfredo
Enrique Torres & Ray Stern beat Ben Sharpe on a 3rd fall dq
Ronnie Etchison beat Pat Fraley 2/3
Vincent Lopez beat Lee Henning 2/3

12/31/58 Marysville, CA @ Cal’s Square Gardens
Paul DeGalles & George Kongozan vs Great Lothario & Johnny Barend 2/3 60:00
George Drake vs Don Manoukian 2/3 60:00

1/1/65 Modesto, CA @ Uptown Arena
Referee John Swenski
Don Manoukian beat Billy White Wolf when referee Swenski stopped the match in the 3rd fall because White Wolf was bleeding too badly
Mark Lewin (sub Ricky Romero) beat The Spoiler
Mitsu Arakawa beat Pat Barrett

12/31/65 Modesto, CA @ Uptown Arena
World Tag Team Champions Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens beat Pepper Gomez & Luis Martinez when Stevens pinned Gomez in the 3rd fall
Dominic DeNucci beat Buddy Austin 2/3
Luis Hernandez beat Fred Baron via pin

12/31/66 San Francisco, CA @ Cow Palace
No dq Match
US Champion Bill Watts beat Tarzan Tyler 2/3
Ciclon Negro & Mongolian Stomper beat Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson to win World Tag Title
Victor the Bear beat Fritz Von Goering & the Spoiler in 4:36
Kinji Shibuya beat Victor Rivera
Pepper Gomez beat Jerry Duke Miller
Alberto Torres beat Thunderbolt Peters
Joe Scarpa beat George Drake
Buddy Moreno beat Tuffy Truesdale
Att: 8,518
Note: Other sources including Wrestling Title Histories say the tag title change happened in November.

1/1/71 Modesto, CA @ Uptown Arena
Pat Patterson beat Ciclon Negro
Sonny Boy Hayes & Joey Russell beat Sky Low Low & Little Bruiser

12/31/71 Modesto, CA @ Uptown Arena
Pepper Gomez vs Ripper Collins 2/3
Rocky Johnson & Peter Maivia vs Paul DeMarco & Roger Kirby
Terrible Ted The Wrestling Bear beat Don Carson & Nick Adams in 4:00

12/31/77 Modesto, CA @ Uptown Arena
Brutus the Wrestling Bear beat Kurt Von Steiger & Karl Von Steiger
US Champion Bob Roop vs Pepper Gomez
Mando Guerrero vs Alexis Smirnoff
Scientific Bout
Kevin Sullivan vs Les Thornton

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1/1/54 Calgary, Alberta, Canada @ Victoria Pavilion            
Lou Sjoberg beat Tommy O’Toole
George Gordienko & Earl McCready & Toar Morgan beat Ed Gardenia & Frank Marconi & Lou Pitoscia
Con Bruno beat Cliff Olson
Tony Angelo beat Joe Blanchard
Att: 2,200

1/1/55 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jim Wright no contest Earl McCready
Ken Kenneth beat Angelo Poffo dq
Lou Sjoberg beat Frank Hurley
Tex McKenzie won a Battle Royal

1/1/57 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
John Paul Henning beat Johnny Valentine
Referee: Al Oeming

1/1/60 Calgary, Alberta, Canada @ Victoria Pavilion
Joe Tomasso & Eric the Great beat Don Kindred & John Foti
Luther Lindsay won a Battle royal
Ken Lorimer dcor George Kosti
Joe Konno beat Joe Millich
Nelson Royal beat Jerry Aitken
Steve Kosti beat Mr. Grizzly

1/1/63 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada @ Sales Pavilion
Jerry Graham beat Ronnie Etchison
Dave Ruhl & Jim Wright no contest Ronnie Etchison & Dominic Bravo
Johnny Kostas & Don McClarity beat Joe Millich & Tony Nero
George Kosti beat Nick Harris

1/1/64 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sweet Daddy Siki beat Sandy Scott
Waldo Von Erich beat Mighty Ursus
George Scott beat Jean LaSalle
Michael Valentino no contest Dave Ruhl
Luis Hernandez beat Al Ward

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1/1/65 Calgary, Alberta, Canada @ Victoria Pavilion
Don Leo Jonathan beat Klondike Bill dq
Fabulous Kangaroos Al Costello & Roy Heffernan beat Stan Stasiak & Juan Sebastian
Roy McClarty beat Bob Morse
Sandor Kovacs drew Eric Froelich

1/1/71 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Buddy Austin vs Bob Lueck
Bob Sweetan vs Mighty Ursus .
Paul Peller vs Bob Pringle
Joe Tomasso & Ed Sullivan vs Nick Pacchiano & Gordon Ivey
Bob Pirie vs Thunderbolt Cannon

1/1/78 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
12-man, $2,000 Battle Royal
Participants include: Leo Burke, Bobby Burke, Don Gagne, Mr. Hito, Michel Martel, Bud Osborne,  Ray Osborne, Gerry Morrow, Salvatore Bellomo, John Foley, Keith Hart and Bruce Hart
Leo Burke & Bobby Burke vs Mr. Hito & Michel Martel
Don Gagne vs Gerry Morrow
Bud Osborne vs Steve Novak
Salvatore Bellomo vs John Foley

1/1/82 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
David Shultz beat Mr. Hito dq
Great Gama beat Davey Boy Smith COR
Jim Neidhart & Keith Hart & Bruce Hart beat Tab (Goldie) Rogers & J.R Foley & Jude Rosenbloom
Hercules Ayala beat Mike Hammer
Mike Shaw beat Gerry Morrow
Angel Peron (Angel Rivera) beat Randy Webber

1/1/84 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Archie Gouldie beat Kerry Brown
Mr. Hito & Sonny Two Rivers beat Cuban Assassin & Hiro Saito
Randy Webber beat Tim Flowers
Phil Lafleur beat Karl Moffat
Ben Bassarab beat Shunji Takano


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bpickering wrote:
January 1st
On this day in history in ....

1982 - Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) defeats The Dynamite Kid in Tokyo, Japan for the vacant WWF Junior Heavyweight Title. Tatsumi Fujinami had vacated the title in December when he moved up to the heavyweight division.

I remember watching the loaded card live on TV:

1982/01/01 Tokyo - Korakuen Hall (3,300)
Norio Honaga (11:21 pin) Nobuhiko Takada
Shin'ichi Nakano (11:36 boston crab) Shunji Kosugi
George Takano (11:32 pin) Black Cat
Osamu Kido & Makoto Arakawa (10:53 pin) Haruka Eigen & Akira Maeda
Kantaro Hoshino (7:32 pin) Ryuma Go
Seiji Sakaguchi & Kengo Kimura (10:35 pin) Rusher Kimura & Isamu Teranishi
Exhibition: Karl Gotch (3:27 german suplex) Yoshiaki Fujiwara
* I believe this was Gotch's last match.
Riki Choshu (8:46 DCOR) Animal Hamaguchi
WWF Junior Heavyweight Title (for vacant title) : Tiger Mask (8:31 rolling clutch hold) Dynamite Kid
WWF Heavyweight Title: Bob Backlund* (12:36 pin) Tatsumi Fujinami
5min 10R: Antonio Inoki (3R 3:16 DQ) Roland Bock



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Were all matches aired?


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They never aired any of prelim matches back then.

For this particular card, I remember watching the Gotch-Fujiwara and the matches following it. Maybe they aired Sakaguchi & Kengo vs Rusher & Teranishi too, but I don't remember.


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Bump. Nice reading.


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Some more from Japan:

1965/12/31 JWA - Tokyo - Riki Sports Palace
Kiyomasa Kusatsu drew Kazuo Homma
Raizo Kojika drew Mr. Suzuki
Gantetsu Matsuoka def Akihisa Takachiho
Hishakaku Otsubo def Sarukichi Takasakiyama
Battle Royal Final: Tadaharu Tanaka (pin) Mr. Suzuki
Kotetsu Yamamoto def Hideyuki Nagasawa
Kantaro Hoshino def Kumagoro Okuma
Tadaharu Tanaka def Masanori Saito
Johnny Kostas def Umanosuke Ueda
Giant Baba & Michiaki Yoshimura & Yoshinosato def Pepper Martin & Stan Pulaski & Alberto Torres

1969/01/01 IWE - Miyazaki - Pref. Gym
Tosuke Fujii [Yasu Fujii] def Kosuke Murasaki [Devil Murasaki]
Isamu Teranishi (DCOR) Tetsunosuke Daigo [Tokyo Joe]
Mammoth Suzuki def Enzo Inoue [Mighty Inoue]
Joe Cornelius def Takeshi Oiso
Chief White Wolf & Mike Marino def Rusher Kimura & Tadaharu Tanaka
TWWA World Tag Team Title: Toyonobori & Thunder Sugiyama* (2-1) Andre Bollet & Robert Gastel
1: Sugiyama (20:55 pin) Gastel
2: (3:20 DCOR)
Bill Robinson def Great Kusatsu

1971/12/31 JWA - Tokyo - Korakuen Hall
Tomotsugu Kutsuwada def Masanori Toguchi
Haruka Eigen def Katsuji Adachi
Mitsu Hirai & Kantaro Hoshino drew The Assassin #2 & El Sicodelico
Chuck Richards (DQ) Great Kojika
Gene Anderson def Umanosuke Ueda
Kintaro Ohki def Luis Hernandez
The Stomper def Michiaki Yoshimura
Giant Baba & Seiji Sakaguchi def Dale Lewis & Mario Milano

1983/01/01 New Japan Pro-Wrestling - Tokyo - Korakuen Hall
Nobuhiko Takada drew Shin'ichi Nakano
Makoto Arakawa [Don Arakawa] def Masanobu Kurisu
Jim Neidhart def Yoshiaki Fujiwara
Los Misioneros de la Muerte: El Texano & El Singo & Negro Navarro def Kuniaki Kobayashi & Black Cat & Isamu Teranishi
Masa Saito & Riki Choshu def Kengo Kimura & Osamu Kido
Tiger Mask & Gran Hamada def Black Tiger [Marc Rocco] & Jose Estrada
Seiji Sakaguchi & Killer Khan (8:48 DCOR) Rusher Kimura & Animal Hamaguchi
Tatsumi Fujinami (DQ) Jesse Ventura
Antonio Inoki (8:21 pin) Blackjack Mulligan

1984/01/01 New Japan - Tokyo - Korakuen Hall (partial)
Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith def Kuniaki Kobayashi & Isamu Teranishi
WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship Round-Robin Tournament: The Cobra def Black Tiger
Seiji Sakaguchi (7:56 DCOR) Abdullah the Butcher
Riki Choshu & Yoshiaki Yatsu def Tatsumi Fujinami & Akira Maeda
Antonio Inoki (13:51 DCOR) Dusty Rhodes

1986/01/01 All Japan Pro Wrestling - Tokyo - Korakuen Hall (3,400; sold out)
Masahiko Takasugi (7:53 pin) Shinji Sasazaki
Masanobu Kurisu (7:56 small package) Momota Mitsuo
Great Kojika (7:24 pin) Apollo Sugawara
Haru Sonoda (11:49 DCOR) Norio Honaga
*Mighty Inoue & Masanobu Fuchi (10:49 aussie suplex) Animal Hamaguchi & *Fumihiro Niikura
Giant Baba & *Samson Fuyuki (11:08 pin) *Goro Tsurumi & Ryuma Go
*Tiger Mask & Takashi Ishikawa (8:49 german suplex hold) Kuniaki Kobayashi & *Shin'ichi Nakano
The Russians: Nikita Koloff & *Krusher Khrushchev (5:01 pin) Yoshiaki Yatsu & *Isamu Teranishi
Jumbo Tsuruta & Gen'ichiro Tenryu & Motoshi Okuma (14:05 DQ) Rusher Kimura & The Great Kabuki & Ashura Hara
Mixed Martial Arts Match (5min 10R) Riki Choshu (3R 2:13 pin) Tom Magee

1989/12/31 New Japan - Moscow, USSR - Lenin Stadium (15,000)
Kuniaki Kobayashi (12:07 pin) Takayuki Iizuka
Jushin Liger (9:32 pin) Black Tiger
Masahiro Chono (10:46 submission) Timur Zarasov
Shinya Hashimoto drew Wahka Eveloev
Riki Choshu (6:04 pin) Victor Zangiev
Bam Bam Bigelow (9:30 pin) Vladimir Berkovich
Habieli Victachev (3R 1:11 submission) Hiroshi Hase
Salman Hashimikov (8:20 pin) Manny Fernandez
*Antonio Inoki & Shota Chochoshvili (pin) *Masa Saito & Brad Rheingans

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Hisa- I know everyone likes to inflate numbers, and I recall seeing these inflated Korakuen Hall results too. But how in the world could you put 3,400 into Korakuen lol.


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I have no idea.

Also, if you look at my previous post, New Japan said they put 3,300 there on 1981/01/01. That came from multiple sources, one of whom is a very respected historian in Japan.

I always heard the actual capacity of Korakuen Hall is NOT more than 2,000.

Matt Farmer


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Yes I remember getting old results of Korakuen Hall cards form the early 80's and many of the sellout are listed at 3,000 or more. But I've talked with others and even looking at the building, it looks absolutely packed when a sellout of 2,200 is listed lol.

Angelic Assassin

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WWF @ Hartford, CT - Civic Center - January 1, 1985

Johnny Rodz defeated Jose Luis RiveraSalvatore Bellomo defeated Charlie FultonBrutus Beefcake defeated SD JonesJohnny Valiant defeated Terry GibbsMike Rotundo & Barry Windham defeated the MoondogsBlackjack Mulligan defeated David SchultzNikolai Volkoff fought Tony Atlas to a double count-outAndre the Giant fought Ken Patera to a drawBlackjack Mulligan won a battle royal

CWG @ Atlanta, GA - The Omni - January 1, 1985

Tommy Lane and the Italian Stallion went to a drawLen Denton d. Jerry OatesBrian Adidas d. Chick DonovanRon Ritchie d. Ox Baker by DQRon Slinker d. Bob Roop by DQ$50,000 Tag Team Battle Royal won by Wild Bill & Scott IrwinManny Fernandez & Dusty Rhodes, the Dirty White Boys, the Fabulous Ones, Tully Blanchard & Bob Roop, the Hollywood Blonds, and Tommy Rich & Michael Hayes participatedOle Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson d. the TerminatorsTommy Rich & Abdullah the Butcher d. the Long RidersNational Heavyweight Title Match: Ron Garvin (c) d. Ox Baker(Baker subbed for Wahoo McDaniel)

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With the holiday approaching later this week, a nice time to look back at this day in wrestling history


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Interestingly, the very next night in Omaha.....

1/2/72 Omaha
Attendance: 4,072
Jerry Miller drew Krusher Kowalski
Buddy Wolff beat Bob Sabre
Vivian Vachon beat Kay Noble

Midwest Heavyweight Title
Great Kusatsu (c) no contest Stan Pulaski

Indian Chain Match
Billy Red Cloud beat Ox Baker

When I first discovered that Pulaski & Kusatsu teamed in St. Louis then fought one another the next night in Omaha I was a bit stunned, but soon went looking for similar results.  

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Happy 2020~!



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12/31/85 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Myriad
Brett Sawyer beat Joe Malcolm
Masked Superstar beat Steve Doll
Terry Taylor beat Rob Rechsteiner
The Bruise Brothers beat Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare
Jake Roberts beat Sir Oliver Humperdink
Dick Slater beat Jim Duggan by DQ
Buzz Sawyer beat Butch Reed in a dog collar match

Ted DiBiase beat Dick Murdoch

1/1/86 Tulsa, OK @ Convention Center(TV)
Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams beat J.R. Hogg & Shawn O’Reilly
Buzz Sawyer beat Perry Jackson
Masked Superstar & Dick Murdoch beat Steve Doll & Tommy Wright
Terry Taylor beat The Nightmare
Dick Slater beat Butch Reed to win Mid-South North American Title
Al Perez & Brett Sawyer beat Joe Malcolm & Gustavo Mendoza
Jake Roberts beat Dick Slater to win vacant Mid-South Television Title in tournament final
Buzz Sawyer beat Steve Doll
Eddie Gilbert beat Tommy Wright
Terry Taylor beat Lord Humongous
Ricky Gibson, Al Perez, & Brett Sawyer beat J.R. Hogg, Joe Malcolm, & The Nightmare
Ted DiBiase beat Gustavo Mendoza

1/1/87 Tulsa, OK @ Convention Center
Angel of Death beat Jeff Raitz
The Fantastics beat Eddie Gilbert & Sting by DQ
Eli the Eliminator beat Bobby Perez
Ted DiBiase beat Ken Massey
Chavo Guerrero & Iceman King Parsons beat Leroy Brown & Bill Irwin
Iceman King Parsons & Missing Link beat Ken Massey & Jack Victory
One Man Gang beat Bobby Perez
Rick Steiner & Sting beat Jeff Raitz & Gary Young
Dark Journey beat Missy Hyatt by forfeit
Steve Williams beat Terry Gordy
Ted DiBiase won a bunkhouse Battle royal

*** The matches in bold are available on WWE Network***

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1/1/1988 – Boys Club – Pittsfield, MA
The Young Stallions vs The Bolsheviks
The Junkyard Dog vs Ron Bass
The Ultimate Warrior vs Rip Oliver
Outback Jack vs Iron Mike Sharpe
Scott Casey vs Danny Spivey
Midget Tag Team Match
Jerry Allen vs Steve Lombardi
14-man Battle Royal

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