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Papa Voo

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Has anybody noticed the lack of quality in current VHS tapes?  I have way better footage when recording from an old VHS tape to DVd than I do with a tape that I purchased last week.  I cannot get over the quality difference.  Maybe it is the VCRs, also, but I just taped some sports stuff from the early 1990's and the video quality is so much better than the things that I just recorded recently.

The older blank VHS tapes are heavier and seem to be manufactured better.  Can anybody recommend a good quality VHS tape to buy currently?  Sony sucks ass.  These things are becoming dinosaurs, but I would like to purchase some since I still record some things on VHS to edit out the commercials.


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I don't think anyone's putting any money into making decent VCR tapes anymore. It's hard enough to find a VCR these days let alone blank tapes.



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I had a really old VCR, one that ejected from the top it was so old, that lasted me a good 15 years.  These new ones break down in 3 years.  And the new tapes snap and have poor quality after about a year, as opposed to the old ones that I would use for years.  They definitely don't make them like they used to. 



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But you can get a VCR for like $20 if you actually find one. The stuff doesn't have to last at that price.

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