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 Posted: Thu Oct 8th, 2015 10:19 am
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Just read where it was 18 years ago ( how the hell has it been that long !!!! ) on October 5 - 1997 that Brian Pillman was found dead in a Minnesota hotel room. Here's a story about the Pillman tragedy from SLAM!

Real life tragedy overshadowed the fantasy world of professional wrestling Sunday when it was announced that young grappler, Brian "The Loose Cannon" Pillman, was found dead in a Minnesota hotel room hours before the WWF's Badd Blood pay-per-view took to the airwaves.

WWF President, Vince McMahon Jr., conveyed the news during Badd Blood's Free For All segment saying that Pillman's body was discovered at 5:00 p.m. Sunday night. The evening before, Pillman had wrestled at a WWF house show. During the pay-per-view, McMahon also stated that law enforcement officials investigating the case do not believe foul play was the cause of Pillman's death. Autopsy results will be available some time this week.

Pillman learned his trade at Stu Hart's world famous wrestling school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Along with Bret "The Hit Man" Hart and The British Bulldog, Pillman began his career in Stu's Stampede Wrestling, a popular wrestling promotion based in Western Canada.

Known then as "Flying Brian", the blonde-haired heartthrob gained notoriety in World Championship Wrestling with his graceful, top rope acrobatics as a face then turned heel teaming up with "Stunning" (Stone Cold) Steve Austin as the successful tag team: The Hollywood Blondes. The highlight of Pillman's WCW stint was a position in Ric Flair's esteemed Four Horsemen gang.

A former Cincinnati Bengal in the NFL, he switched to the rival World Wrestling Federation this year but has been plagued by an ankle injury which virtually eliminated his once high-flying style. Pillman was scheduled to battle Dude Love and possibly Goldust tonight at the Badd Blood pay-per-view. Two matches were added in its place.

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 Posted: Thu Oct 8th, 2015 08:16 pm
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I remember this like it was yesterday.  Hard to believe it's been 18 years and how much my life has changed since then.  The Yankees were playing the Indians in the playoffs and I was focused entirely on that.  My friend was having a PPV party to watch Badd Blood that Sunday, but I skipped it to watch the game.  That Monday night, I taped Raw and Nitro to again watch the game, and it was the one where Sandy Alomar, Jr. hit the homer off of Mariano Rivera to eliminate us, and it was a devastating loss.  I went to bed and didn't answer phone calls.  Tuesday after my college classes, I come home and pop in my Nitro VHS tape.  The first thing I see is a memorial for Pillman.  I think it's a joke because Bischoff was being a sick fuck at the time and I wouldn't have put anything past him.  I take that tape out and immediately put in the Raw tape, and that's when I found out.  Imagine being able to go 3 days without knowing something like that now.  I was on the nascent Internet maybe twice a week at the school library at the time and had no cell phone and probably had received a grand total of about a dozen e-mails by that point.     

Pillman was my favorite wrestler at the time, just absolutely revolutionary in ways that people don't remember today.  When he was seemingly bouncing back and forth between WCW, ECW, and WWF all at the same time, and threatening to "whip out my Johnson and piss in this ring" and call out the bookers, nothing like that had ever been done before and he was incredibly convincing.  A shame that he got into the car accident just as he caught fire, effectively ending his ability to do anything in the ring.  If he could've kept working at the level he was at before, plus cutting those promos, and maybe not spiraling more out of control because of the pain, he could've been right there with Austin when the Attitude Era really hit a few months later. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.
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 Posted: Thu Oct 8th, 2015 11:13 pm
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I was never a fan. Never got the attraction. Boring as a face for years and by the time he did the crazy heel routine his wrestling was terrible.

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 Posted: Sat Oct 10th, 2015 05:39 am
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sportatorium roach

Joined: Tue Oct 16th, 2007
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I live in the St. Louis area and my Grandfather and I went to Badd Blood.
No one in our seating area had a clue about Pillman yet.  It took until the next nights Raw for my Grandfather and me to find out.  Shows you how long ago that was.
1997 is one of my favorite years for wrestling, and Brian was a big reason why. I still remember preferring Raw over Nitro because of the Hart Foundation.

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