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Time for me to air my E-bay peeves  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Nov 18th, 2007 10:31 pm
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OK, I know a lot of this stuff is nothing new. But as a semi-regular Ebay buyer, I can't understand the mentality of some of these sellers when it comes to shipping. Business people? Loosely described.

1. The mystery shipping amount. When you see "I will calculate shipping when I find out the winner's address" it means you will overpay. They use UPS or FedEx or whatever, no matter what. This makes little sense to me. I buy a CD from you - you need to FedEx it to me in a box? Or send it UPS? Put it in a fucking padded envelope and charge me $2 and send the thing. Or, pick a friggin amount for domestic shipping that will cover your shipping costs.

2. The "built in" shipping profit. This goes for anything I buy, from documents to CDs to loose action figures for my son. They charge $6 shipping to start, then $2 for each additional item (because they are "kind enough" to combine shipping). So if you buy 6 action figures you are up to like $16 to ship. Then you get 'em crammed into one box (which is fine) that cost $4 to send regular mail. They are trying to get around Ebay fees so they pad the shipping. But the clincher - they try to pretend it is not the case! They say, "No, the shipping is fair - I need time to go to the post office. Time is money! And then there is "handling" as in that time and the supplies to ship!" Excuse me, I thought all your costs are supposed to be built into the price of an item. This was what you learn in Accounting 101. Price = fixed cost (such as overhead) + variable cost (which depends on the particular unit) + desired profit margin. No? I could see bare shipping costs extra, but do NOT tell me that your "time" costs extra over the price.

3. Express Delivery. This is a good one. I bought 2 loose action figures for junior 2 weeks ago. I had to pay $6 to ship the first, then he added $3 for the second. How kind. Hey, he sends Priority Shipping! But - waits a few weeks to do so! Why the hell send overnight, priority etc and make a person wait 2-3 weeks first? Idiots. If I am ready to wait 2-4 weeks for arrival, I would no tmind the extra night or whatever that regular mail takes.

4. One day per week. I like that - "I only ship one day per week - that is (fill it in). Please do not send emails asking where your item is." They say this in the description! Why not, in your description, say "I know shit about business, and am damned proud of it. Please buy elsewhere if you want better service" But not to fear! They also send Priority! So if you do wait those 5 days you'll get it in a mere 2. If I had logistics issues I might just not say anything, rather than to put shoppers on their heels first thing.

I will say, for every idiot there are 2 or 3 who make it easy, charge you a reasonable shipping price and do not gouge, and even make it to the post office more than once per week. But I am starting to use Amazon vendors who often give better service and cannot overprice shipping.

OK, I am done. Thanks all for listening. Am I off base here?

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 Posted: Mon Nov 19th, 2007 12:14 am
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I'm a little surprised that eBay hasn't figured out a way to regulate the shipping rates that are charged.

Basically it is a way for the seller to make the same money and lower the fee paid to eBay (eBay collects a percentage of the sale price not including the shipping charges)

Part of why it happens is that it is hard to make money on eBay anyway. Everything seems to go for minimum bids (people don't bid early in the auction anymore as all it does is drive the price up) and then eBay collects a fee for listing, a fee for the sale of the item and if the buyer uses Paypal, eBay holds out their hand and says "gimme some more".

The "once a week" to the post office thing never bothered me but the $5-$6 for shipping and then to not send the item "Priority" or wait a week or two before sending it is retarded. If I pay $5-$6 for shipping something small I do want it within a week of paying for it.

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 Posted: Mon Nov 19th, 2007 04:01 am
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Well it's not business, it's every random idiot selling the shit they don't want anymore. 

I have no problem with someone who can only make it to the post office once a week.  People have lives and depending where you live, the post office could be a long trip.  I have a post office across the street from where I work and I can't even make it every day because I can't always leave the office. 

As far as shipping prices go, it is what it is.  No one is blindsided by them.  You know up front if you're being overcharged or not.  If you still bid, that's your problem.  I absolutely overcharge on shipping because it's the only way to make it worth my while to post on eBay.  If I'm selling a piece of crap for $3 and making $1.50 profit, you better believe I'm trying to get a few extra bucks to make it worth my time to write the ad and answer the stupid questions that people who have no intention of bidding will ask.   I always take shipping into consideration when I bid and I have no problem paying it if the total price is reasonable.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.
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 Posted: Tue Nov 20th, 2007 03:56 am
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I never bid on shit if the exact shipping price isn't listed.   Then I decide what the highest price I'd pay is.  If the highest price is $15 and shipping is $5 then I bid $10.  I don't give a rat's fat ass if I pay $.01 for the item and $14.99 for shipping.  I bought a $15 dollar item for $15.  It isn't rocket science.

Now with the advanced feedback you can rate a sellers shipping price as well as packaging.

May I offer you some salt and vinegar chips?
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