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 Posted: Thu May 18th, 2017 04:34 pm
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Word going around is that McGregor has signed the contract and all that is left is the Mayweather side. Looking more and more like this just might happen, which at this point would be ignorant for it not to with the amount of money on the table for both parties. Dana White also said that it will be a straight up boxing match, which is the only way this fight was ever going to happen anyway. 

No way this fight does anything less than 1.5 million buys, and with enough hype could approach the all time record. Both guys are great promoters so anything is possible. 

If data, science, and logic offends someone, then they probably need to be offended.
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 Posted: Thu May 18th, 2017 06:25 pm
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The Big Kahuna

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Bookie odds
Mayweather -2000
Lay $2000 to win $100 with Mayweather. A 20-1 favorite!

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 Posted: Thu May 18th, 2017 09:49 pm
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Low key big hog

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I don't see the interest in a straight boxing match between these 2

"Beginning this week, Nitro is going head-to-head with Thunder in Australia" - The Wrestling Observer Newsletter: January 22, 2001
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 Posted: Fri May 19th, 2017 12:57 am
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I'm not a big Floyd Fan, but don't see how Mcgregor competes in a boxing match. Max MMA match is 5 rounds or 25 minutes. 12 round boxing match is 36 minutes. Floyd can cruse that time frame, Connor would have to up his longest outing by almost 50%. Plus this isn't using 6 or 8 oz gloves. Add in learning how to use the ropes vs a cage etc....

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