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Former Ring of Honor Champion Takeshi Morishima, 39-years old, made a surprise appearance earlier today in Japan at a live event being promoted by Riki Choshu and announced that he would be returning to the ring on 10/15 at Genesis, another Choshu promoted event.

Morishima, who was sometimes compared to a young Terry Gordy, was a regular with Pro Wrestling NOAH who shockingly ended Homicide's ROH title run just a few weeks in, holding that belt for a little over six months.  He had some great matches with Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness during his run.  After the ROH run, Morishima returned to NOAH and won the Global Honored Crown Championship several times.  He was a great "big man" worker inside the ring.

In 2015, Morishima announced his retirement due to health issues.  Since leaving wrestling, he has earned a nursing degree.  Before today, Morishima had been completely out of sight in wrestling.

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Hopefully he can somehow compete on a limited schedule.

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Drooling at the thought of this Hiroshima guy teaming with Kaitlyn to take on John Cena and whatever Bella he fucks. It's an amazing time to be a wrestling fan.

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Huge fan. His matches against Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe were awesome.

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