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Impact is Very High on Pot  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon May 13th, 2019 02:13 pm
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Watching this week's Impact was interesting for one reason.  For the first time since the early days of ECW, a wrestling promotion publicly advocated pot use, at least for medicinal purposes and really even for recreational purposes.  RVD made his in-ring return to Impact and the announcers Josh Matthews and Don Callis (who also is also running Impact along with Scott d'Amore at this point) actually portrayed RVD as a "pioneer" of medicinal marijuana legalization, and then talked about how they are in Canada where pot is federally legal now.  It wasn't played for laughs, it was a rather serious discussion putting over RVD's views and giving him credit for changing the culture and being ahead of his time.  I actually wonder if this was a condition of RVD signing with the company.  If not, it was a bit weird that they went this route.  Other than some not-so-inside jokes, even ECW never treated RVD's advocacy of pot all that seriously in the past, but Impact put him over like the Ghandi of Ganja.    

Later in the show, The Rascalz came out in green 420 gear, so that was another nod towards Impact going all in on pot and not caring who knows.  The Rascalz have been doing pot vignettes for weeks now (painfully unfunny ones at that) based on "That '70s Show", but this is the first time they wrestled in pot gear.  Obviously, that did not lead to the same type of serious conversation advocating legalization.

Of course Impact is mostly a Canadian company right now, and they were in Canada for these tapings, but they move back to the U.S. for Philly tapings next.  I wonder if they will push the pot stuff as far during those tapings. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.
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 Posted: Mon May 13th, 2019 06:46 pm
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We joked when RVD signed that it was BECAUSE pot was legal in Canada.

Related, I was at the last Windsor taping, and we were at a bar after, and were about to call it a night, when some of the Ohio Versus Everybody gang came in. I immediately ordered another round, thinking we'd be hanging out with some of the workers, and hearing good stories.

Instead, they ordered one drink and some waters. They were all high already. Waitress could only laugh about it after.

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